2013 Acura MDX Technology 3.7 from North America


This one is a keeper



General Comments:

I traded in my 2008 Honda Accord for a 2013 Acura MDX. I love Honda and wanted the 2013 model instead of the 2014. The 2014 model drove like a minivan and lost its character. It was also very expensive for us. We got this with just 2K miles on it. The car looked as if it just rolled out off the showroom. We got a 6500 discount on it, so it was a great deal.

The fit and finish is very nice on the truck. It is definitely not BMW or Audi level, but they are not charging the same either. Options and comfort level are great.

I like to drive fast, and this SUV loves to do just that. It has an amazing exhaust note and great throttle response. But, I try to keep my foot off the gas as much as I can, since it is thirsty machine.

This SUV is for you if you like sporty driving and handling without losing utility. If you like Lexus-like driving, then probably a Lexus or a Buick is a better option.

Finally, the SUV turns on a dime and has excellent visibility. This one is a keeper.

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Review Date: 6th October, 2013

28th Jan 2014, 22:44

Audi or BMW level? I know you're not talking reliability, because as a licensed tech that has worked for all three brands, an Acura is a far superior vehicle to an Audi or BMW.

- Factory trained BMW/Audi tech

Believe me, I drive a Honda.

5th Jul 2016, 14:39

OK. Thanks for your technical expertise. It's well appreciated.

3rd Sep 2020, 16:15

These are less problem prone than a Mercedes or BMW, but still will definitely need deep pockets after 80K miles. Parts and service are expensive, and despite what owners try to make you think, there are several costly issues with these cars.