27th Feb 2009, 09:08

Wow, I have Acura MDX 2007 with the same brake noise. Dealer is saying it's normal. I can't take that noise. NO MORE MDX for me. NISSAN I am coming back to you.

22nd Mar 2009, 15:43

I have a 2007 MDX and do not have the noise, but I get a lot of vibration when I apply the brakes. I had a brake and rotors turned at 30,000. now I have 50,000 and do not need brakes, but the rotors are warped. Seems like a lot of brake wear. It seems like they put car duty brakes on a heavier SUV and do not want to admit it.

23rd Mar 2009, 16:03

We have a 2003 MDX with 73K miles on it. While on vacation this weekend, we were driving back home and the transmission just gave out, no warning, no indicator lights, nothing. It just wouldn't go. Had it towed and we are waiting to hear back from the dealer (3 hours away) on the $$ damage. Will update when I hear...

27th Mar 2009, 00:56

Also owner of 2003 MDX (purchased Aug 03) -- Reported intermittent transmission related problems over last several routine service visits. Finally duplicated issues this week (March 2009) and they are currently replacing transmission through our extended warranty. Thankfully we purchased the big-daddy warranty with the vehicle in 2003. Whew!!!Interesting none-the-less to learn it is not an uncommon problem... I was a bit surprised to have to replace the transmission on this car. Also interesting to learn about the brake clunking sounds... we have it too. We actually have made advances over what the warranty cost were. I have purchased extended service contracts on my last two vehicles (this Acura and my old '95 Chevy Blazer). Would strongly suggest anyone buying a vehicle consider adding on the costs and thinking of it as an insurance policy. (And even better, we negotiated ours as a zero-deductible warranty 10 years/100 K.

15th Apr 2009, 16:17

My 2004 has whooshing noise coming from the right side. I have 75000 miles. Could it be a transmission problem?


19th Jul 2009, 16:41

I purchased my 2003 MDX March 09 with approx 72k miles. Immediately my wife reported the clicking noise in the brakes. Unfortunately this month July 09 the transmission began to slip and is now non-functional. I am told by Acura repair shop Acura did not engineer a filter in at least the 2003 MDXs transmissions. New transmission quote $3500! Very disappointing.

I will fix and sell and not purchase another MDX.

J. Stanfield


6th Jan 2010, 23:51

I purchased my 2003 MDX in late 2006 with 90,000 miles on it and in mint condition. Vehicle had all major services performed at dealership and documented.

In October 2009, at 125,000 miles, the transmission failed. I had the transmission replaced at the dealership for $3,500, and the service manager spun a story about the previous owner (s) towing with the vehicle because it also needed motor mounts (I don't buy it).

I also had them investigate why the power/heated mirror and window controls stopped working since shortly after I purchased the vehicle. It turned out to be broken wires in the wire loom on the driver door, and it cost another $350 to replace.

I understand that all high mileage vehicles loosen up over time, but my front suspension makes all kinds of knocking sounds every time I turn or hit a bump. Although this has been my favorite vehicle to date, I am so disappointed with Acura at this point that I'm debating if this will be my first and last.

31st Jan 2010, 19:43

I purchased my 2003 MDX brand new and performed all maintenance on schedule with dealer.

Experienced the same brake noise mentioned on this site. After several attempts, the dealer fixed it, although my wife doesn't agree, she believes we just got use to the noise.

I read about transmission issues with Acura, and had dealer check my transmission several times during routine maintenance; told no problem, looked good, well at 125K the transmission failed. I was shocked at an Acura/Honda failing at 125K. What has the world come to? $3500.00 to replace at the dealer. They refused to give me any help because truck had over 100K. I called local transmission shops to try to get a better deal, they laughed and said the Acura MDX and TL are giving them great business. They believe there is some kind of manufacturing defect in the design of the transmission.

The truck cost me over 40K brand new, and I'm really disappointed. I expect routine failures past 100K, but not the engine or transmission made by Honda. Dependability was the point in spending the extra money for a Acura, it is suppose to last longer. My neighbor's TL's transmission has also failed. I think Acura has a major problem/ I will never buy a Honda or Acura again.

4th Feb 2010, 12:14

I bought a 2003 MDX new in 7/03. It now has 82K miles on it and the transmission goes out of gear when you come to a stop at a light or sign. I called Acura and they advised my VIN is not included in the extended warranty, but the dealer has "discretion" on whether or not they will help me out. The dealer says there is a separate VIN on the transmission. Still no go. They have driven and tell me it's not doing it for them. They put on their computer and tell me there is no issue coming up. Ridiculous for a $40K vehicle with supposed quality claimed by Acura/Honda. I will never own another.

6th Feb 2010, 14:01

I have a 2003 Acura MDX - bought in May 2003, have followed all service instructions through the dealer for the past 6+ years. I had just brought it in for the 90,000 check. Just last week the transmission slipped into neutral - 2 times in one day, but then drove fine after that. We drove it up to our cabin, about 150 miles and it just stopped at a stoplight. No warning lights, nothing. The Honda dealership said the transmission needs to be completely replaced to the tune of $4000.

After reading about all these problems with other same make/model/year, I am definitely contacting Acura customer service.

I am confused about some of these comments though - some people said the warranty was extended through 100,000 miles/7years. I will try to see if I can find out more...

6th Feb 2010, 15:35

We purchased a 2006 MDX with 43,000 on it, and one week after taking ownership, the front and rear brake clicking, clanking noise started. It has been to the dealer four times since then, and they say that can't reproduce the noise. Not surprised after reading all these complaints. They know what the problem is and won't admit it. One guy even told me it was normal. Why not tell us before we bought the car? This is misleading, withholding information, and we are considering taking the manufacturer and the dealer to court. $25k for a car that makes so much noise when you touch the brakes that people turn around and look at you in parking lots. DO NOT BUY THIS VEHICLE. Every time you get in it, you will be disappointed.

8th Feb 2010, 21:57

I purchased an Acura MDX on Jan 2003. The car has been running fine until Oct 2009 when I had some transmission problems.

I was in a traffic light fully stopped, the light turned green, I stepped on the gas and the car would not go! I saw the RPM going all the way to 5000RPM, but my speed was 5mph. All of a sudden the car bangs into gear and moves on. But it was all so sudden as if I have been rear ended. I looked back and the car behind me was pretty far away, and could not have hit me. I pulled over and did not see any damage on the vehicle either. I brought it to the dealer and they test drove the vehicle (of course did not happen to them) and they looked in the computer and nothing. The same problem happened again last month, and I brought it back to the dealer again, and no luck still. I will try to contact them again...

There is a customer service website you can try http://owners.acura.com/site/customer_relations.aspx