29th Dec 2005, 15:00

Well, anyone who buys any SUV isn't thinking rationally anyway. SUVs are less safe, suck more gas, and really don't offer any more room (oftentimes LESS) than their car equivalents.

I'm sure 99% of what most MDXs do on a daily basis could be accomplished with a Honda Accord.

19th Jan 2006, 15:12

I disagree with the comments about the SUVs. The SUV is safer in regard to traffic accidents. Obviously one who drives an SUV should drive it like a SUV, so as to avoid rollovers - same way people shyould drive a car (not like SUV) during snow to avoid twists/skids/slides. Nowadays cross over SUVs drive like a car and one barely worries about the snow; the car stands out tall. So the SUV is more fun to drive compared to a car. If someone is not a fun driver then even driving an Accord all by itself everyday to work is expensive too. Expensiveness is a relative term and it depends on how much you love the thing you are buying. For someone who uses public transit, even a Civic is luxury. Talking about size, no way one can move around big things in cars which S-UV can do.


12th Apr 2006, 12:17

I have a 2004 MDX with Navi and the whole works. I have read some of the reviews and agree mostly with the performance and handling. Where I have some complaints are:

1). The workmanship, for a HONDA product I find the lights tailgate etc. was fitted poorly - not evenly spaced.

2). The Sub woofer is vibrating the rear fender panel. I had Acura try to fix this defect twice to no avail.

3). Driver side headlight and both tail lights collects water.

4). Needs a lot of work to the voice recogination.

5). I wish it would use regular gas.

21st Aug 2006, 19:12

The MDX is what Detroit should be building as it is much more practical than any Suburban, Tahoe, Expedition, Durango, etc. I have relatives who have just purchased another MDX. They liked the first one so much that they traded it for a brand new one, and I have to say that both vehicles were very impressive. They drive like a sporty car and the gas mileage is almost that of an ordinary sedan. All of this for the same money as the oversized, gas-guzzling, clumsy things being pushed by Detroit. I would love to see GM produce something genuinely competitive to the MDX as I do like GM vehicles.

23rd Oct 2006, 11:02

I purchased my 05 MDX two years ago and I have loved it every day since. This is my second Acura and I am hooked for life. The handling has proven to be a life-saver, the interior's luxurious feel and space has made my long trips a pleasure. Unlike an accord, I sit higher, see more, and feel far safer when sending my young drivers out with their friends. It is worth the price! I have 40K miles and I am looking forward to purchasing the new model next year.

Since purchasing a Honda/Acura, I don't have to worry about service either. They pick-up my car and promptly returns it to me. The dealer calls to be sure I am still happy, and goes out of his way to meet my needs.

I am an Acura driver for life!

16th Sep 2009, 15:28

For those of you that love the car. Wait. Give it 50,000 miles. You'll be sorry.

15th May 2014, 14:15

Can you expand on your comment? I'm sure all of us looking at these reviews would appreciate your opinion. What year do you have? And what problems did it give you?