31st Aug 2003, 06:17

In response to the comment... my car was purchased brand new with few miles. I have another appointment with the dealer this coming week to fix a couple things and to discuss about the brakes. Also I have sent correspondence to Acura direct with very poor results... only a form letter response.. that thanks me for contacting them and they are sorry to hear about my problems... but nothing else.

20th Oct 2003, 08:37

Very sorry to hear of your difficulties and Acura's lack of response. However, other readers should note my experience is polar opposite. My wife's 2003 RSX Type S is the only vehicle we have ever purchased without a single mechanical or fit & finish defect @ delivery. (Contrast that with the 13 defects @ delivery in my vastly more expensive BMW 325.)

However, the dealer experience (both purchasing the vehicle and service) is well short of "premier" brand competition.


20th Nov 2003, 18:51

I just recently bought a 2003 Acura RSX Premium model. So far my door panel rattles and there is a rattling somewhere in the dashboard. Has anyone has those problems?

4th Dec 2003, 08:13

I've had my RSX Type-S since August and so far I've had no problems. My previous vehicle was a 99 Ford Mustang and in my opinion the quality of the RSX is much better. However I have noticed a few rattles and in the dash board, but I have yet to contact the dealership about it.

16th Feb 2004, 15:42

Yes, my car has several rattles coming from the dash. I think I have traced it to the radio plate.. but not too sure.

23rd Feb 2004, 01:31

I bought my RSX in Aug, 2003. The brakes began to rust within the first week. When making U turn, or turning the steering wheel all the way, the engine shuts off; don't get it confused with stalling. When I brake, there are clanking sounds. For an Acura, I am disappointed.

14th Mar 2004, 16:02

I leased a 2002 RSX as soon as I could get my hands on one. I loved the car for about 6 months. Now, after two years I cannot wait to get rid of it. My leather seats are cracking & falling apart. (The car has never been parked in the sun.) My dash has more rattles than the 1973 Volkswagen Beetle I drove in high school and this car dents so easily! Don't apply too much pressure when waxing or you may end up at the body shop. Trust me, with 3 stage paint, that's no place you want to be unless you're loaded. Acura quality really went down the tubes with this one. I absolutely hate this car.

25th Jun 2004, 20:26

My RSX has had various repairs: shock absorbers has been changed twice in three months, The motor has been repaired completely including valves, sunroof has rust, paint has rust. I requested the dealer to change the car because it has been for service and repairs mothly for the last year.

2nd Jul 2004, 11:41

In response to the comment made on Nov. 20, 2003. I bought my RSX Type-S in January 2003. After a few weeks, I started having rattles in my door panels. I did not know before that it was the door panel until recently. I thought it was the dash board and brought it to the dealer. They were not able to fix it and the noise just keeps occurring on and off. Recently, I started to have vibration noise in my dash board. I suspect it is somewhat connected to the CD player/changer inside. This is, in addition to my unfixed door panel noise. I will have it fixed by the dealer next week and follow-up a comment on the result for all to know.

17th Jul 2006, 19:34

It's nice to know we weren't the only ones who were misled by Japanese advertising and biased magazine writers. NO MORE Japanese cars for us...EVER!!

18th Jul 2006, 15:58

Trade up if possible to an Acura TL. You will not be disappointed! No vibration, great performance, sound system etc. Maybe a higher payment, but it's outstanding.

20th Jun 2007, 18:20

To the original poster: All you needed to do was get an alignment.

5th Jun 2009, 04:15

To your comments above, it's not the dash rattling, it's your muffler that's loose. I have the same problem in my 03 Type S. Get the muffler welded on.