26th Mar 2006, 18:46

Do not use Sylvania Silverstars or any other type of HID looking bulb in this car. I can guarantee they won't last. I use only OEM halogen bulbs.I've heard from some guys that PIAA bulbs work well, too.

I just passed 70,000 miles on my RSX and it's been very reliable so far. It amazes me how little oil this car burns. I basically never have to add oil, I just change it about every 6 months.

23rd Apr 2006, 14:20

Gang - how do you go about replacing this bulb? I started thinking that I had to pull out the entire headlight module.

I'm guessing now that you remove the bulb from module from within the engine compartment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

4th May 2006, 10:15

Yes, changing the low beam bulb on the driver's side is a complete pain. Do you have to take out the battery and reservour neck to get to the bulb?

10th May 2006, 00:14

Guys, ever read your owners manual? Instructions with diagrams on how to change the headlight bulbs are right there. It is a pain in the #@s, though.

Whoever said electronic stability control is too much to ask for in a vehicle like the RSX is way off base. The box on wheels mini-minivan Scion Xb has ESC, and it costs thousands less than an RSX. And the 2006 Honda Civic Si has a limited slip differential. So, saying that it is too much to expect that on an RSX is ridiculous.

10th May 2006, 10:45

Yes, anytime I read some manufacturer can't include such features "due to costs" I always think of Scion which offers lots of "expensive" features STANDARD for roughly $14,000, and Toyota makes a profit on each of them.

13th Jun 2006, 21:29

I bought an '02 RSX on May 2, '06. So far, everything seems OK to me. The harsh ride comments made by some seem to be a bit critical to me. I bought this car because it handles like a sports car. The firm suspension is what makes this happen. If you want a cushy, yet sporty ride, I don't know where you'll find it for the RSX's price.

I sure hope that the headlight problem doesn't show up with my ride. I replaced the stock bulbs with after-market halogens, and the difference is remarkable.

I think that the base RSX has ample performance for the price. However, I may trade up to a Type S in a year or so. The high revs needed to produce the type of torque that most people prefer for higher-speed driving are built into this car. I am pulling 3000 RPM at 70 MPH. It seems that as long as you keep the revs over 3000, you have gobs of torque and HP available to you.

9th Jul 2006, 13:31

I don't know how many of you actually pay attention when you pump gas, but did you ever notice the funky little ball attached to the gas cap and the little "u" shaped holder on the little door...well if you gently place the funky ball into the "u" the gas cap will hang ever so gracefully off of the door...try it some time...i figured that one out the FIRST time I put gas in and I'm a 17 year old chick...so I'm betting most of you are older guys with "more car experience" and you can't figure that one out...tsk tsk...lol...just kidding...kinda... :)

And yes the do burn through lights quickly, I've had my RSX 2 months and I got pulled over last night for having a headlight out...so now today I have to replace the 2nd headlight since I've had the car.

Has anyone had a problem starting their car when it's cold...twice on really cold mornings when I had to be at work early it wouldn't start so swell, but then an hour later it's fine.

14th Jul 2006, 04:07

Well my young lads and lass, I just can’t imagine what you are talking about when you say the car has no power. I have a base 02 with 90,000 miles. She’s equipped with a cold air intake, header, down pipe, cat back exhaust, and let me tell you, I have a ton of power. All that power (and since I did the work myself) for less than a grand. True car doesn’t throw you back like a Zonda or something, but remember your dealing with a naturally aspirated four cylinder folks. What do you expect!

What the car lacks in power, it more than makes up for in handling. And speaking of handling, how come nobody can seem to handle changing the headlights? I’ve replaced the headlights at least ten times. I’ve gotten so good, I can replace a bulb with one hand (and not get any finger oils on it.) Here’s a trick for the next time you lose a headlight. Take one of the brights and switch it with the low beam (they are the same bulb {H1 55 watt,} the only difference between them is a deflector.)

On a side note, you should spend the $350.00 (plus a Sunday) to put on fatter sway bars. I can’t tell you the difference they make. Love you my RSX brethren!

1st Aug 2006, 16:54

I agree with the last comment. The car has excellent handling and it's a lot of fun to drive. I drive an 04 RSX base model and I absolutely love it. It lets me do whatever I want on the highway.

I have had the car for almost a year now and have been through tons light bulbs myself. It's not hard to change at all, but it is very annoying and can get pricey. Especially when these HID replicas tend to blowout a lot quicker during the winter. I think it would be a good idea to save up and buy real HIDs. Does anyone know if those have the same problem?

19th Jul 2007, 17:23

I've had my headlights blow out multiple times. One will pretty much last me until my next oil change, replace that one... then the other one blows out.

Seriously, I'm really glad to see that I am not alone.

24th Jul 2007, 15:12

Don't park your RSX TYPE-S on the streets with your stock alarm... The stock alarm is only for key less entry... Thieves can jimmy the driver's side door and nothing with happen... No sound... My car was broken into over 10 times... Buy an after market alarm that pages (Clifford) you if someone is breaking into your car... If you do park on the streets and don't want to change your alarm, go under the cover compartment and change the screws of your computer box... My box has been stolen twice... Thank good I changed the screws... I would have had my computer unit stolen a total of 4 times... Thieves are taking these units and putting them into their Civic's and can sell them after market for up to $600... Don't be victim...

3rd Aug 2007, 16:51

I know I'm posting to a year old thread, but wow…I'm curious to know what you people are doing to your RSX to lag its performance? I own an '02 base model with no mods and have scared my father with its performance (not to mention turning radius when done properly), and he’s a muscle car junky.

Things that you need to keep in mind about this type of car:

It’s a 4 cylinder “import”. These cars invariably are fragile as far as needing maintenance WHEN RECOMMENDED. Timing belt and serpentine need to be checked at 50 to 60k miles. oil changes need to occur every 3000mi. for organics, every 5000 for synthetics. Air filters, inside and out, are good to change too ;) though inside filters are just for breathing air quality. It has been recommended by several people though, that if I were to do ANYTHING after-market to my car, it would be to install a cool air ram. I’ve heard, though cannot substantiate, that it improves performance AND gas mileage. Something I’m still looking into.

Let’s talk about oil here for a second. Acura recommends 5w20 in this car. If you get your oil changed at a quick lube shop like Jiffy, you need to be sure that you request 5w20. Most places, by default, will fill your car with 5w30 or 5w40 and will tell you there is no difference. I’m here to proclaim otherwise (if you have tuned your car it’s up to you, thinner viscosity oils are risky, but you do get better performance which was evident in my buddy’s 2005 Subaru WRX), thinner viscosity, less drag on the engine (can also burn your engine out due to lack of lubrication and protection). There is a very noticeable difference.

Air conditioning. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed, but your power output reduces dramatically when AC is on due to the addition of another belt spinning in the engine bay. This car lacks torque, which the AC belt requires to keep motion. This zaps a much lusted after commodity in this particular vehicle, and very well could be a contributing factor to all of you who are complaining about performance and live in places like, oh I don’t know, California or down south?

Here’s a thought, injector cleaners. Usually a good idea to do when you get your oil changed ;), oh and a fuel filter change works wonders…need to keep the car from cardiac arrest.

And one last thing, LEARN TO SHIFT! All you automatic owners out there...for-shame! You bought a sports car with no testosterone. I live in Seattle where traffic is getting Horrible; didn’t stop me from getting a manual so I can actually use the power-band in my car. There are roads up here that allow you to punch the accelerator and run the gears, as long as the authorities are not poaching the street you are on.

On another note, it is nice to know that I’m not the only one that is blowing headlamp bulbs. Its still very frustrating to have to drive with the brights on while your low beams are toast. Also, I notice the cargo shelf rattling every so often which gets annoying at times. ATM I need new shocks, but in perfect running order, I like the way this car rides, it tells you everything about its health in the way that it reacts to your demands and its interpretation of the road under it.

Learn to Shift!

Learn your dimensions.

Learn your weight.

Learn your power-band.

And for Gods sakes,

KNOW YOUR limits.