19th Aug 2007, 15:52

Yep, the headlight issue is ridiculous. I own the '02 type S. Generally, for the cost of this car, I don't think it was worth it. It does have some nice features such as the interior, but it is touted as a sports car and it just isn't. It may have 200 hp, but it sure doesn't feel like it. I really don't want to have to rev the thing up to 5000 rpms before getting any real torque. I also agree with the original posting about the car lacking a radiator grille guard. That just shows poor form and mine has all kinds dents as a result. I shouldn't have to buy any after-market junk to make up for any deficits either, like a grille guard or something for performance enhancement. Whoever the guy was who spent a grand on add-ons is a sucker.

If you take this car into any snowy areas, watch out. It does not do well with snow. Or for that matter, rain. My last car, a '95 Tercel, fared WAY better in bad weather conditions, even in snow. Yes, I said Tercel.

If you like to do your own maintenance, this car is terrible to work on. Take for instance changing the oil. The filter is located in the most difficult place to reach, behind the engine and halfway from the bottom. When you pull the filter off, oil drains all over the suspension arm and CV shaft. And there really isn't any way to prevent that. Very poor design. Take a hint from Toyota... filter in the front, off in 10 seconds. Maintenance for other stuff is very difficult also. One good point is that on the Type-S, you have a metal timing chain and therefore never have to worry about changing it.

That being said, it is a Honda engine and built to last. I've put 125k miles on the car and it still runs well. We'll see if it can last as long as the 220k miles I put on my Toyota.

9th Oct 2007, 00:25

OK, Please explain the actual steps for replacing the low beam lamp on a 04'RSX. This is on the drivers side. I tried to do it by removing the screw holding the windshield washing container and moving it out of the way and then just pulling the plug for the lamp, but the male part of the plug came out, but the lamp remained in the reflector. This left me with no way to grab the lamp and pull it out? Does it twist or just pry it out?? Does the whole Headlight come out? I saw two brackets in the engine compartment holding it in place. Please advise what I'm doing wrong. There is no diagrams in the owners manual for this procedure. Reach me at Robshill@yahoo.com Thanks much for any help!!! Don't want to pay the dealer if I can avoid it!!!

19th Oct 2007, 00:10

I want to disagree with you all and anyone else that says the rsx-s does not have an LSD. I own a 2003 type-s and In the owners manual it states. "DO NOT drive with the compact spare tire mounted on the front wheels for a long period; IT WILL DAMAGE the LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL."

Also low beams sucks. I have replaced them so many times it takes me 2 min. drive side you more the washer res. to the side for access. The pass. side you do the same thing. everything un-clips and you can more it to the side.

Last note... To the person that said the rsx sucks in the snow! your wrong, the problem is you can't drive in the snow. I'm from Vermont, and if you have 4 good snow tires and can drive in snow you can go anywhere. I never hesitate to go out in a storm. The car plows it right out of the way, I have driven mine in 2+ feet on the road and I like on a steep hill.

The RSX-s is great. you buy one knowing what you are getting if you want something with more performance, buy a different car. If you want more comfortable buy a different car... you all went on a test drive no?

31st Oct 2007, 07:49

Hi, I'm the original poster and I just wanted to add a few updates about my RSX.

First of all, I found out there is a technical service bulletin regarding the Occupant Position Detection System (OPDS) Control Unit in not just RSX's, but all Acura's from that era. One day I was driving a friend home, and the SRS warning light and airbag light went on and would not turn off. I took it to the Acura dealer I bought the car from, and since it was still under warranty, they replaced it with an upgraded unit for free. While I was there, a girl with a black RSX was there with the same exact problem. Only bummer is, dealers do not stock this part, apparently it has a serial number on it, and the dealer has to return the old part before Acura will ship them the new part! So, it took me two whole days to get this fixed - but, at least it didn't cost me anything.

As far as headlamps are concerned, I did a fair amount of research, and it seems the way to go is just get OEM replacement bulbs. Using strictly OEM Sylvania bulbs, I've had decent service life with my headlights. FORGET SILVERSTARS or anything like them!

We don't get much rain here in Southern California, but when it is wet, I have to say this car really lacks traction when starting from a standstill. I thought my old rear wheel drive Ford Torino with it's 351 4 barrel V8 was bad, but the RSX is even worst. I really have to have a light touch on the clutch and accelerator or I'll lose traction.

On the other hand, while driving on the 5 freeway in the rain, I had to swerve to avoid some idiot and the car handled the maneuver without complaint. If I had been in my Ford, I think I would have been skidding down the freeway sideways.

I have 88,000 miles on my car now, and it's been extremely reliable. It has yet to leave me stranded or waiting for a tow truck. I'm quite happy with my purchase.

20th Nov 2007, 23:02

I have an 02 base model rsx and I am wondering if anyone else has had trouble with their SRS system - the whole unit. I'm at about 60000K and apparently I need a new one. Also, I had to replace the starter. Last, has anyone had weird instances when the locks come on and off for no reason or when driving down the road... I seem to be an unlucky RSX owner.

25th Nov 2007, 22:06

So I have read all of your comments and have to say I'm not quite sure if I still want to purchase an RSX. I have been dead set on saving up for one, but did not know of the difficulties the car comes with. I might add that this would be my first car. If bought I would plan to get sum pistons brakes and the Slyvian bulbs (Or whatever they were called). I am very good at changing the oil. Please write back if you have any information to help me thank you.