19th Jun 2001, 21:37

I love this car but I'm getting these weird noises from the engine when I drive slow and it has only 49,000 miles.

26th Jun 2001, 17:48

I drove a rented TL for a week. You should have seen the guys in a BMW when I ran circles (figuratively speaking of course) around their bimmers in this car. If you know how to drive it, it's hard to beat.

7th Sep 2001, 20:40

Bought a 97 2.5 TL in May 2000 and am absolutely in love with it. It handles, it drives wonderfully and it is a looker, especially all tinted out.

I use synthetic oil every 3,000; keep it filled up with 93 octane and am strict with the maintenance schedule. It purrs!!

Had it going 130 MPH in the desert by China Lake, CA... wonderful feeling actually having a car that can go that fast and still be stable and controllable.

I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone who wants something reliable, stylish, and fast.

10th Sep 2001, 13:42

I bought my 1996 2.5TL a year ago and 30,000 kilometres later I still love it.

Classy and sporty are hard looks to combine in a car, but the first-gen TL pulls it off smartly. Great, reliable machine. Minor quibbles: my "D" dash light has been burnt out since I got the car, is this a common problem? Also, the car occasionally stumbles when starting. The dealer advised that this trait is inherent with 5-bangers. Anyone else have this problem?

17th Oct 2001, 23:50

I own a 96 2.5TL, it is perfect. It has looks, performance and class. When I drive around my home town in Jamaica it always draws admiring stares. All this in factory specs, no tint or body mods. The only car I feel timid to challenge is the Mitsibushi Evolution turbos, I fear no other.

26th Feb 2002, 13:13

I gotta 97 TL myself at an auction, runs great. Starting it is kinda wierd, but it clicks, then when you turn the key again it starts. Overall it runs great, even with like 200,000 miles on it.

1st Sep 2002, 10:22

I have a 2.5 TL and it runs great. Even though my D light went out at 79k, is that a common problem? My first car was an Acura and my last car will be an Acura. Right now I'm trying to get my girl an Acura like I have.

13th Oct 2002, 22:43

Have a 97 2.5tl with 120k on it and it runs like a sewing machine.Handling, ride, room, and class. Only thing it needs is more tire. Upgraded to 215/6015 Michelin pilot XGTV4.Much improved!This car is more unique than the current TL (to much like the accord)If you find one buy it!

21st Oct 2002, 03:12

I've got my 96 2.5TL as a gift from my parents for completing high school. It had 74,000 miles on it, but man it ran like new. My buddy with a nissan 240sx can't even catch up with me on the highway. This car is perfect in its own way.

2nd Nov 2002, 19:16

I have a 97 tl 2.5 and yeah I do have problems with the start up. it turns over really weird too, but when started everything is cool and it runs beautiful. I bought it for 19000 with only 52k on it, so far I've no big problems. love the new 3.2 tl though (in a couple of years I by another)

8th Dec 2002, 22:45

I've got a 1993 Vigor with the 2.5 liter. The classic now has 140,000 km. on it is going strong. I expect to have the little beast for quite some time to come.

12th Dec 2002, 15:03

I've enjoyed my '97 3.2 TL from the very moment I drove it off the lot as a brand new car. This is my second Acura after owning a Legend for four years. The TL has 215,000 Kilometers on the dial today and runs like a top except for a weird, periodic shutter or pulse at around 100 Kph in D4. Above this speed everything is fine. When I take it up to this speed in D3 the phenomenon does not occur.

Does anyone know what this might be? Timing belt, or something worse like trany?

I have up-sized "the rubber" to 215/60's as well which enhances the drive nicely.

22nd Jan 2003, 14:02

I purchased a Dark Green 97 TL in Dec. 2001 with 40,000K as my retirement auto. I have not had any major problems. The car now has 58,000K. I was told that the "97" had problems after purchase, however, to date I love my car. My start-up is fine, have not noticed any weird sounds and it is as smooth a ride as when I first purchased it. It is a real classy looker. I stick to the maintenance schedule and I stand behind it. If you are considering one, do not hesitate for one minute. Drive and enjoy.

29th Jan 2003, 02:35

I have a 1997 Acura TL 3.2 with 119000 miles on it. My 4 year lease will be up in June. It is a great car very reliable. It has only been to the shop for regular tune ups and one for a problem with the heater. I can drive the mess out of the car and it still will run like the first day I drove it. You can't beat an Acura in quality, durability, and all around looks. Driving this Acura has instilled in me the fact that American made cars are for the birds. I also own a 97 Catera, and let me just say it is falling apart. Plus the resale value is know where near what I paid for it. I believe I will always own an Acura, because it just want stop impressing.

30th Jan 2003, 20:36

I have a 2000 Acura 2/5 TL and I absolutely love it. I have the problem with starting it in the morning to, especially in the cold weather, which I've been told is normal. I use synthetic oil and it makes the car so much smoother (as if it's not smooth enough). Every time someone new comes into my car they always saw "wow this is a nice car". It's a great car for your money - dependable, smooth and fun to drive. I will definitely buy another Acura, they just make a great car. Acura is in a class all it's own. Nothing compares to it.

7th Feb 2003, 12:37

I’m a current owner of a 1997 2.5 TL with about 0 complaints. I actually love to get in this baby everyday, which makes driving a pleasure. I get compliments on it daily from strangers and friends alike. Seriously, with minor additions, this car looks like a million bucks! Midnight Blue, slightly tinted windows, 18 Enkei wheels, and an upgraded stereo and this thing really stand’s out in the crowd of the typical HONDA looking cars of today. Not sure why the TL got a bad rap from the press, but it doesn’t deserve it. Starts every time, drives like a dream, is very comfortable inside, decent power under the hood, and a bunch of other things most cars wish they could be. All of this for a fraction of the cost of what other cars in their line are. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it requires you to gas up with at least 92 octane… expensive where I’m from. Paid $20K with 19K miles, what a steal!!