1997 Acura TL 2.5 from North America


This car is the perfect combination of sport, class and luxury. A must drive


None of the windows work. Sunroof doesn't work.

None of the gauges work.

Radio doesn't work.

Needs a CV axle.

Shifter doesn't come out of park without pushing the metal tab next to the shifter.

General Comments:

I love this car. It had these issues when I got it. It is the smoothest riding, best handling car I've ever owned. I can't believe all these electric things went wrong all at once. Is this a common issue?? I have checked fuses, relays and switches... any ideas?

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2014

5th Dec 2014, 14:18

Outstanding choice. Acura was running on all cylinders in the 90s. Had some great cars. And here in southern California, there is a glut of Acuras for sale. Too many to count. Prices seem to be about 1500.00 to about 4000.00 for their top of the line RL series.

As our country moves into a disposable society, many of these great old school cars are being discarded by their owners. But if you turn a wrench, these cars still have a lot of life in them. The engines are good to 400,000 miles.

10th Dec 2014, 09:50

I did not know the words "luxury" and "class" could be used to describe a 20 year old Acura with windows that don't work, no radio, and in need of suspension work.

1997 Acura TL Base 3.2 from North America


Great car, and it still looks good


Mostly wear and tear stuff like exhaust, headlight, brakes, things of that nature.

Very reliable car other than emissions parts (which is covered by Acura for 15 years/150000).

I have had to take the car in 4 times for the EGR valve since owning it, and the dealer fixed it free every time.

The 02 sensor went on me too (dealer wanted to charge 600 for this, but it was covered by warranty).

General Comments:

Amazing car, soooo smooth, and it still looks great.

If you can find one with under 140k on it for a great price, get it!

Great leather... smooth ride, nice handling... it almost makes driving boring, because it is so smooth and flawless.

When you have to floor it, you get lots of power, but it could be more responsive.

Lots of road noise if you crank it up to over 60 mph.

Not too much space in the back seat, but the trunk is a good size.

Be careful, because the brakes and exhaust parts of this car are crazy expensive... the replacement headlights are like $200 each at least.

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Review Date: 6th September, 2010

1997 Acura TL 3.2 3.2 from North America


This car isn't even worth stealing


Massive oil leak.

Schizophrenic speedometer.

Electronics have a mind of their own.

Tranny shifts hard from 1st.

Door lock actuator shot.

Slower than molasses windows.

Power mirror motors fried.

Drivers seat wearing badly.

Was a victim of odometer fraud.

Too much road and wind noise for a luxury car.

General Comments:

About as much fun to drive as a couch.

Even less reliable than a Pinto.

A surprisingly bad car overall.

Does have a nice interior, when it all actually works the way it's supposed to.

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Review Date: 13th November, 2007

14th Nov 2007, 15:46

Most likely it was probably stolen before because of all the damage it has... also it has over 200k. Does it really have 300K and if so, why do you not want another Honda?

1997 Acura TL 2.5 2.5 Liter I-5 from North America


Spring came off door, replaced it myself in 5 mins.

General Comments:

An outstanding, comfortable and good looking car that never fails to impress.

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Review Date: 16th June, 1998

5th Feb 2001, 14:16

I have an Acura 2.5TL too. I love it. I will continue to purchase Acuras.

13th Mar 2001, 01:42

Have had a 2.5 TL new since '97. Gearing a little wierd, nonetheless, I really enjoy the car. Not as pretentious as a Lexus, Bimmer, or even the new TL, it suits my personality just fine. Well made, nothing has gone wrong since ownership, approx. 49,000 miles on it. The 2.5TL has been unfairly trashed by the motoring press, what do they know? C'mon other 2.5 owners, send in your comments!