26th Jun 2005, 16:39

My biggest regret was leaving Nissan/Infiniti and thinking I was going to a more reliable luxury product line. I never had one problem out of Nissan/Infiniti and the service at the dealerships and at the customer service center was simply EXCELLENT.. They knew my driving pattern and would call me to tell me that they made an appointment on my behalf for an oil change and if I couldn't make it, they would come to my office and pick the vehicle up, FREE OF CHARGE!! Acura however, I have only found one person that knows how to treat a customer, and the rest just act like they could care less about you. You think they would be nicer to a customer after they have put 5 transmissions in one car in under 3 years! Needless to say! I am going running back to Nissan/Infiniti... do not pass go.. do not collect $200.. I cannot wait to get rid of this TL Type-S..NOTE TO ALL! if you want to be treated with respect and like a customer.. look elsewhere than Acura!

19th Sep 2007, 11:47

1st tranny replaced by Acura under recall. Later learned these were rebuilt. Received another recall and that tranny was replaced with a new one, including something about the computer. Dash SRS warning kept going on. Dealer made it go off by a reset procedure, (twice) under warranty. The third time (out of warranty) they told me it would keep happening unless a $50.00 (?) sensor was replaced, however, this involved taking out the entire dash and would cost $600.00. I drive it with the red light on which is annoying and makes me wonder if it would work when needed. The most chronic problem has been warping front brake rotors and resulting shimmy when braking. Many trips to the shop, new rotors, lathed rotors, nothing works for more than a couple thousand miles. This car has turned out to be almost a big a dog as the '93 Windstar I had.