14th Mar 2004, 22:49

I believe that it has over 200hp. As far as the top end on the vigor, I have a 94 GS 5spd. and I have been in 5th gear at 135mph and the tack read 4500rpm. that's when I ran out of Track. I would assume I could hit 150 if I had a longer runway.

2nd Feb 2006, 13:56

I have two 92 Vigor's (one with auto tranny & the other is a 5-speed. Had the one with auto tranny to 135 mph very easily & room or more, but window seals were separating rubber from glass with tremendous air noise. I'm 56 & grew up with muscle cars, etc. but the Vigor is one hot sports car with power & handling even though it's classified as a 4-door sedan!!

23rd Feb 2006, 14:58

Hi acura lover I have a 93 vigor replaced trans with one with 68,000. it shifts fine & run excellent, but when I put in gear I get a D4 lite blinking on the dash. I do all my work so I checked the connection again, they seem to be OK. so don't know if I got a bad one? or could it be a sensor? I still have the old trans which ran, but just shifted late causing over reeving...any ideas!

26th Feb 2007, 12:05

I bought a 1992 Vigor for my 16 year old son. After about 3,000 mile it started making a whining noise from under the hood. It only makes the sounds while rolling and gets louder the faster you drive. Could this be the transmission?

13th Jul 2007, 16:18

94 Vigor GS.137,000mi.Bought with 75,000 in 2003. This year, test driven BMW 3& 5Series, LexusGS, Acura RL & TL, VW Passat, Audi A6. Only Audi A6 comes close. I keep getting back in my Vigor and loving it more. Friends tell me its time for a new car--girl does not want to be stranded with 14 Yr old car, but it DRIVEs so SWEET!. I agree with the previous comment about trying to replace a car that already drives like a $50K car. how could I spend $50K on anything out there when nothing matches up. I'll keep maintaining & repairing. Plan on buying new wheels this wk-end. Should I up from 15"?

22nd Jul 2007, 12:30

Hey Vigor lovers!!!

I have a lot to say about my Igor; yeah that's what I call him!

I just have never been in a car that you can drive soo fast and feel so comfortable doing it!! I don't get the feeling I'm going to crash. I fly right past everyone feeling like a winner.

My car might look beat up because the person before me never took care of him, and people disrespect my car when I let them borrow it, but my interior is immaculate; all leather, fully loaded with goodies, and no rips or tears, no cracks in the leather. He smells new, and when I give him a bath, he looks, sexy even with the minor rust and fender damage I just love him yeah.

I had the oil leak, I had to change a timing belt, and my biggest problem is when I go to turn him on, I have to punch my gear shifter up, hold the brake shift in neutral, and start!! There have been so many times somebody has passed me up and flicked me off. I would tell my friends that people flick me off, and I don't know why they never believed me. Then somebody on a motorcycle did, and I never did a thing for the person to do that to me, and my friends believed me. The funny thing is it never happens when I'm in my Lincoln, so I guess its my car!!!

I would really love to fix him up. I love this car, but everything is soo expensive for him. Junk yards; forget it, I been there millions of times, all of them around my area, and nothing, not a single Vigor. It just makes me mad that everyone still has theirs obviously, since junk yard don't have them, and I can't do a thing about my Igor. I feel bad that he just has to sit in the garage waiting for a transplant. I don't want to lose him!!!

I just love this car. A vigor is a great car; they shouldn't have stopped making them. But the ones that own one are the lucky ones.

I wish I was rich; I would take Igor to the best car doctor and get him back to normal, or just have Acura custom build me one with zero mileage.

Anyways, I know how everyone feels about Vigors now, and I don't feel left out. Thanks for reading, and yes, it is a 50,000 dollar car to me, to no matter what people say!!! Thanks again!!

6th Oct 2007, 04:18

I have a 92 Acura Vigor and I recently discovered that I have an oil leak. The car has about 120,000 miles, I'm not the original owner and its going to cost a lot to have it fixed. My question is, would it really be worth getting fixed? The two repair shops I've taken it to suggested buying a newer car... what do you all suggest?

28th Nov 2007, 12:12

I've owned my '92 Vigor for over 13 years, have well over 200,000 miles driven and still love it! It's still great to drive, looks very good and I plan on keeping it a lot longer.

I too have had the oil leak around the distributor (cheap and easy fix) and now have a new leak from up around the oil cooler where the filter attaches to. I also had the hard start syndrome and it turned out to be the main relay.

The alarm trouble I had was on the passenger side door when unlocking it, it would usually set off the alarm. I was told the $300 routine to get a new lock latch assembly and decided to only unlock the driver side door. This one too started to act up and found that if you gently pry the alarm switch in the door apart, lightly sand the contacts, apply No-Ox (heavy grease) and glue back together it should work. This was done back in '99 and I haven't had a problem since.

Good luck all Vigor owners and let's try to keep these fine cars on the road for as long as possible.

14th Dec 2007, 18:17

My '92 Vigor has electrical demons. I thought it was the battery and replaced it. It fired right up, but everything was going haywire. TACH was bouncing along with speedometer, antenna went up and down, when I switched on the radio or headlight the ABS light flashed. After a while I lost all power and it went completely dead, not an ounce of juice. When I noticed the headlight switch was left on I turned it off and the power returned. It acts like it's possessed. Any ideas?

10th Jan 2008, 12:42

Hey Vigor owners. I too have a '92 Vig LS. Quite a machine. Had a few problems when I bought her/him at 118,000. Fan motor was noisy, both rear calipers were sticking, typical oil leak at distributor..."o" fixes easy or just put a little rubber gasket on. I did have to replace the clutch etc. The radio is one of those DSP radio's. The display comes on when its cold then goes off. (there is a company that fixes it on the net) I have another oil leak and the oil is leaking from above the power steering rack. It is oil as I don't seem to be loosing PS fluid. Anybody know what this is?

And the car seem to wander a bit. I don't have abnormal tire ware it just seem to wander on some asphalt roads...

15th Jan 2008, 19:25

I have been reading the comments and have seen the same typical problems with my '94 GS. I rebuilt my distributor with new O-rings several years ago which fixed the oil leak. I cleaned the electrical contacts on the drivers door which fixed the intermittent alarm problem. I replaced the wiring side of the ignition switch due to the ignition switch not staying in the "run" position. I have a whining noise now that increases with rpm. It seems like a bearing going bad. I'm not sure where and have not been able to pin point the noise. It does not seem internal to the motor. Has anyone seen or heard a similar problem? I'm just looking for suggestions. I'm planning to buy a mechanics stethoscope to see if I can locate the source.

10th Apr 2008, 11:25

I just Got a 1992 vigor... its really nice I love it the only thing is I don't no if it has a timing built or a timing chain???

24th Apr 2008, 12:26

You guys that have these issues, should visit AcuraVigorClub.com and join us at the CLUBHOUSE at Yahoo Groups. It's the single LARGEST and most united place for Vigor owners. All the problems, and issues that you've experienced, are all documented on that site. We have tutorials on how to fix the problems yourself, and resources to look up where to buy parts, for cheap.

Let's face it, the Vigor is 16-14 years old. What's left of these cars, and the owners that love them, can all be found at AcuraVigorClub.com. Drop by, you won't regret it.

Vigor's Unite.


21st Sep 2012, 08:38

All Acura Vigors have timing belts.