1999 Alfa Romeo 145 Cloverleaf 2.0 twin spark from UK and Ireland


A brilliant driver's car that looks stunning


The car has been completely trouble free!! The only deterioration has been rust appearing on the wheelnuts!

General Comments:

A truly fantastic hot hatch. A real driver's car that handles and drives superbly. It begs to be revved and driven hard - the more you drive it the more you want to drive it!

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Review Date: 17th December, 2000

12th Feb 2001, 09:09

Yes my wheel nuts have gone rusty too!

Also do your windscreen wipers not wipe properly over 80mph?

17th Jul 2001, 05:59

Yep, wipers are rubbish, very annoying when they start squeaking. Rev happy engine, is quite happy to be driven hard. Shocking service costs though, ouch.

Minor electrical faults - rev-counter light has gone out and also one of the lights behind the fan control. Has been like that for ages now, too scared to get a quote for repair, I know its gonna be pricey.

I'd say a very expensive car to keep and maintain, especially with its depreciation.

...buuuuut loads of fun to drive, looks stunning, great leather seats, eats up Golf GTIs :)

1999 Alfa Romeo 145 Cloverleaf 2.0 TS from UK and Ireland


It's superb... go out and get one tomorrow!


A sensor from the engine management system went, after I had had it for a week.

General Comments:

Extremely quick car! It's really a pleasure to get in it and drive to work!!!!

Nice with leather, great stereo. Not very economical. Boot is suprisingly spacious. Not a car for those with children. Nice foot rest next to the clutch pedal.

Very good and cheap to buy at the moment. You don't see many of them on the road so they look a bit special... it's a head turner. And finally only buy a red one (Alfa Red).

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Review Date: 29th October, 2000

29th Jan 2003, 09:24

Recently bought a 2000 (W) 145 Cloverleaf, in red, of course. It was immaculate condition (so I thought) with 15k on the clock. This car passed the 30 point check, and was given Alfa Approved Used Car status. So much so, it was offered with the additional All Electrical + All Mechanical warranty thrown in. Which sounds great, until after 2 months of driving the car happily, it all went pear-shaped..

Airbag light keeps coming on -open circuit on driver's airbag.

Driver's seat height adjustment unit not holding in place - the driver's seat goes up & down.

Driver AND Passenger seats both broken - when they fold down flat they are supposed to slide forward - neither did from time of purchase.

Just had the tyres changed as the fronts were nearly bald when I bought the car, at the same time had the tracking done - BOTH sides were toeing out 2 degrees, so no-wonder the inner edges were so scrubbed the metal beads started to show after 3000 miles.

The wipers have decided to pack up. They only work on constant sweep, on the fastest setting - no intermittent or slow wipe. The wiper motor was diagnosed at fault.

It took 5 weeks to get the car booked in to be looked at, and that was classed 'emergency' as it had an airbag fault.

They had the car for the whole day, and at the end, I received a telephone call... none of the work is covered under the warranty.

I was less than pleased. Letters went straight off to the Service Manager, the Aftersales Director of the (fairly big franchise garage - with Alfa status) and the Director of Aftersales of Alfa Romeo.

The problem still remains unsolved, I have a meeting set with the director of the garage and with a warranty inspector from Alfa Romeo. There is still no guarantee the parts will be covered under the warranty. Even if they do, the waiting time is now 6 weeks. There is 2 weeks until the meeting.

Far less than impressed that a car was in the first place sold in that state with hidden problems, but even more so the fact that I am having to battle with Alfa and the garage to get the items replaced under the Alfa Romeo warranty.

I did already know that Alfa's service was not really up to scratch, but I ignored and bought the car anyway. Now the service department really is living up to their reputation - as being the worst service department around.

That is a shame, as otherwise the car is great fun to drive. The cornering is similar to a go-kart and it really flies. A real head turner.. due to the awesome Alfa 'rip' and gorgeous looks.

I just hope those items get resolved asap..

5th Aug 2004, 07:31

I have a 1994 Alfa Romeo Spider, with an Airbag sensor light that cannot be reset. Numerous trips to various mechanics have, through eliminating other parts, has identified the Airbag Controller needing replacement. I cannot find one in the states, and the cost from UK is about $1300.

9th Aug 2007, 10:14

It sounds as though it's the famous varioator problem, don't give it up just yet!

1999 Alfa Romeo 145 Cloverleaf 2.0 from UK and Ireland


Foot down, big revs, whooosh


Squeeky brakes (which the dealer seems unable to fix for more than 1000 miles).

General Comments:

A great fun hot hatch. Give it plenty of revs and this car really moves, the steering is nice and tight, the brakes excellent and the general equipment level v.good.

And it looks far better than any other hatch I've come across although it's a bit sparse on the inside (Italian cars, you pay for the engine).

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Review Date: 4th June, 2000