24th Aug 2001, 01:56

I have had my Cloverleaf for about a year now. A major problem has been the un-interested dealer. Another problem for me has been lifting side skirts, and the near-side window not closing properly especially in dry weather.

Apart from that, a superb car, and no rusty wheel bolts!

16th Sep 2001, 03:01

A great car! Mine is now 4 years old and, unusually, I have decided not to change it. Dealers are awful but have now found a good independent specialist - seems excellent so far. Cured the wiper problems on my older model by fitting new arms from later version. Only problems have been air con (not very cold and prone to electrical gremlins) and recent fault with sensor to ECU. Nothing else matches it for looks+performance.

10th Jan 2002, 16:32

My 1999 T reg Cloverleaf is Fantastic as it say in my review. But recently My 4th gear failed and the gear box had to be rebuilt, this took 6 weeks for the part to be ordered, and 3-4 days to fix. So it would have cost about £300-£400 for parts & at £55 an hour labour, well you can imagine. Probably it would have cost in total £1500-£2000. Luckly it was still covered by the warranty and didn't cost me a penny, and they gave me a courtesy car for a week. So that was lucky, and the dealer was great. If you are going to buy one (And I suggest you do) get a warranty OK. You've been warned!!!

22nd Sep 2002, 12:24

I have owned my Alfa Romeo 145 for over 2 years now and nothing has gone seriously wrong with it, but, recently the engine has been revving up on its own and stalls sometimes too. I took the car to a few mechanics and they all come up with different reasons why it is doing this. I was wondering if it could be the E.C.U? if this has happened to your 145 or you have the answer to the problem please could you email me at andycawley69@hotmail.com or post the answer on this website. Thank you.

Great car though, don't want to let it go!

21st May 2004, 06:55

I recently bought a black S-plate 145 from a dealer, which suffers from exactly these problems. Have I bought yours I wonder? Email me at philp@lansdowne-media.co.uk.

Apart from that, what a car! I wanted something quick, but a bit different. I'm not disappointed with my choice!

Everyone says "oooh, it'll rust". Cobblers. They just don't know what they're talking about.

I don't care anyway... I drive an Alfa...