29th Dec 2007, 18:40

I can't believe anyone places any stock in Top Gear's comments. It's an entertainment show with a car theme, not a serious review provider. The only presenter who knows anything about cars is May and they never let him test anything interesting.

The other two are great entertainers, but that's it. Like the programme as a whole really.

An Alfa GTA is an individual choice, and needs no justification to others. Enjoy it!

1st Jan 2008, 04:48

Is it not called the Jeremy Clarkson show now?!

Fifth Gear is now actually better for car nuts; their Fiat 500 test was a case in point - Top Gear just raced a kid on a BMX somewhere and made no relevant comments about the car, whereas Fifth Gear actually did a full in-depth road test, which was great.

Top Gear is appealing to a wider audience in the name of entertainment, but is not about cars now...

Still jealous, by the way!

Keep safe...

14th Jan 2008, 18:42

My 2004 GTA is a step up from the hot hatches of most manufacturers and is a potential classic. I couldn't convince myself to spend the money for a new one some 4 years, deciding instead to wait until low mileage examples came on the second-hand market. I haven't been disappointed with the GTA's sensational performance and fantastic looks (as distinct from a Golf GTi, which is a great car, with a tired design).

My only criticisms of the GTA are the poor turning circle (which I can live with), and the fact that the car is rather too low to the ground, causing a lot of 'bottoming out' in driveways, speed bumps and the occasional rough suburban streets. Any advice from readers about solving this problem would be much appreciated.

6th Jun 2008, 06:39

Chances are your under tray is sagging, so this could be worth checking.

19th Jun 2008, 17:26

I understand the reason why you never get negative responses from people to your GTA. This is because it is the prettiest late GTA, shows considerable taste and dedication to motoring, and does not have the awful wide boy with spoilers image of other sporty hatchbacks.

It is a genuinely tasteful 'supercar' hatchback for the connoisseur, and deserves some respect. It marks you out as true petrolhead who knows about cars and style.

Still jealous...!! Nuts to the 2009 road tax cost..

Note: original specification GTAs most respected, most revered and hold their value far better than modified cars. Don't *&%^ with perfection - if you have a good Alfa, leave it well alone or you will regret it.