12th Aug 2003, 09:04

I am very surprised that you found the interior plastics inferior to that of a Focus. I have a couple of friends who own a Ford Focus and the hard, shiny and hollow-sounding plastics in that car are definitely not a match for the 147. Also the entire lower door /dashboard trims and glovebox are fabric-lined in the 147 which is a relatively expensive route for a car manufacturer to take when trimming a car, and a far cry from what you'll find in BMW Compact let alone a Focus!

My other point is surely a prospective purchaser notices things like a "small boot" and a "tiny glovebox" before committing to buying a car? You can't actually consider these to be "real" faults if you were already aware of them being part of the fabric of the car's actual design! Relatively speaking, let's face it, nobody buys a Focus and then criticizes it for not having the carrying capacity of a Volvo estate!

6th Jan 2004, 06:13

I agree. The size of the glove box and boot are part of the nature of this car... there are no surprises... its not like the boot in the demo model was larger!!! It's a bit like buying a Spider, and upon delivery complaining that there are only 2 seats!!! As for the petrol tank... how fiddly is it??? We are humans, have a great brain capacity and very tactile figers/hands...the petrol tank is a cinch. I have had some minor niggles... which I am sure could have occured with any other car on the market.

3rd Mar 2013, 13:22

In reply to the above comments, my partner is currently driving a 147 Lusso, family owned from new, & yes the filling cap is a nuisance, but aside from this, they are a very good car! A far cry from my parent's 155, also owned from new, which spent an awful lot of time in the workshop having a staggering amount of work done.