1st Mar 2005, 08:09

I have owned a 147 Gta since September 2004 and I have to say it is a truly stunning car not only to look at and get looked at in, it is sensation to drive to.

A great car Alfa..

26th May 2005, 21:21

I agree with most of the comments here. I've owned a 147 GTA since August 2004 and whist there are some things I feel could be improved upon, the overall package takes some beating.

I test drove the following before deciding upon the Alfa:-

Subaru STi - UK - Super fast, excellent dynamics, absolute dog to look at and awfull interior. Felt cheap.

Golf R32. Felt heavy, not quick. Dash rattled. Not impressed.

Audi 3.2 quattro. Loved it, but too expensive once all the upgrades were totted up. (Leather etc.)

So that left the Alfa. I've got to admit to taking a sharp intake of breath when I first clapped eyes on one. It had the factory 18" spoked alloys and just looked stunning. Subtle flared arches, gorgeous lines, lovely.

I defy anyone who hears (and sees) the engine not to be impressed. When it winds up over 4500rpm it sounds like a mini Ferrari. It's quick, but not Evo or STi quick so forget that. But what you get is a great combination of looks and ability. A car you will never tire of looking at.

Not had to take the car back in to the garage for anything - yet. It's been 100% reliable.

The leather seats are fantastic, and comfortable - they need to be...

Now the downside... the ride is crashy on all, but the smootest of roads. It becomes unsettled very easily causing you to 'back off' on the throtttle when you really want to push on. On a nice smooth, twisty road, you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Fuel consumption... ouch!!

The interior feels solid... no rattles (VW take note). But the CD player skips a lot (probably because of the hard ride).

You need to take an exam to work out how the fuel filler cap works. The air con system is overly complicated. The indicator stalk always clicks off half way round a round-a-bout causing you to re-engage it.

As you can see, minor stuff here.

Overall, it's a love affair (much to the wife's disgust!!)

If you are looking for a 'Hyper Hatch' with a touch of class, you'll not go far wrong.

11th Sep 2005, 11:31

I totally agree with most of the above.

I am now on my second 147 GTA, the first one being one of the first RHD cars produced.

I've also owned an R32 and an STI scooby (of which the engine went pop with 1500 miles on the clock), but for me the Alfa is the best. OK, it has its flaws, but for complete overall enjoyment it can't be beaten. Sitting behind the wheel looking at those dials... you could be in a Lamborghini Miura.

Anyone thinking of buying a new one had better be quick as Alfa have now stopped production of the GTA. So, your only chance of a new one is visiting your local dealer and getting them to check on the computer for any unallocated one's.

29th Sep 2005, 09:44

I have to agree with ALL the above comments.

I read as much as I could before embarking on my first Alfa affair, and so far I love it.

Main problems I have come across are:

Washer bottle way too small, runs out too quickly.

Ride height at the front is very low; my car catches the odd pile of gravel that can be left in the middle of the road.

3 point turn is hardly that, mentioned before I know, but it takes at least 5 attempts to turn it around.

Brakes, feel a little wooden sometimes, so I am going for an Autodelta upgrade of the flexi pipes.

Fuel consumption, ouch!

On the plus side, the car sounds great, especially after 4k, it’s comfortable, not too harsh a ride, steering is pin sharp, and the interior is a delight. Open the bonnet, what a treat! Superb and the overall looks of the car I think are equally as good.

1st Oct 2005, 05:27


Sorry to gatecrash this site and ask a question rather than give a review... but as Alfa have decided to stop production on the lovely 147GTA, what does anyone think will be the impact? I am about to buy one (next week) so any comments welcome.

I promise to write a review once I come back from the dealership:o)

18th Oct 2005, 10:55

I am the proud owner of a 147 GTA and I love it. But it has not been trouble free. It has suffered electronic faults and has needed a new ECU and is still temperamental. In fact the dealers are trying to isolate another problem now possibly connected with earth points. It has all been a bit disconcerting to say the least. I'm interested to see that production is to cease. Does anyone know why?

19th Aug 2007, 13:43

Two points I'd like to make.

The first is that in the review it says that 3 point turns become 4 or 5. How on earth can you have a four point turn?

And secondly the 147 GTA has unbelievably bad handling. Its awful front wheel drive system cannot put all of its power down; go on youtube and watch the Top Gear review. Out of all the hot hatches its the most powerful except for the Clio V6, and it was the slowest round the track by a long way. Its handling is that bad it's laughable.

And why would you buy a new one? They lose value so quick they aren't worth anything after three years.

Good car my bottom LOL.

24th Sep 2007, 12:16


To those saying that the GTA doesn't handle, I would like to remind you of top gears powerlaps!!

The GTA is quicker than the Clio V6/Lotus Elise and Aston Martin vanquish round the track.

So next time get your facts right before you go slating other peoples cars!!!

25th Sep 2007, 11:41

All of those cars were done on very very wet tracks; it was slower than the Golf r32, Focus RS, Focus ST, Golf GTI, Megane 225, Astra VXR. and it was slower than the Clio 182, which was done on a dry track, so if the V6 was done on a dry track, that would also of been faster.

The Alfa has terrible handling, and that's why all of these less powerful cars were faster than it.

25th Sep 2007, 15:56

You cannot measure handling with a stopwatch, and to even suggest such a thing is preposterous.

26th Sep 2007, 12:30

"You cannot measure handling with a stopwatch, and to even suggest such a thing is preposterous."

OK then, why was it then that the Alfa was slower than all of those cars, even though it has a faster 0-60 time and more bhp than all of the others? It was 3.5 seconds slower than the Focus RS, which is a true hot hatch.

27th Sep 2007, 06:20

'It was 3.5 seconds slower than the focus rs which is a true hot hatch.'

To be a true hot hatch it doesn't have to be quick round a track. Most people buy their cars for daily driving on public roads, and for that the GTAs handling is easily adequate. Listen to an Alfa V6 engine...you'll soon realise the fascination with them no matter how poor the build quality & handling on a track.