12th Dec 2008, 05:15

That makes no sense... maybe another theory; that you have just been lucky up til now, is more likely.

Don't understand how replacing parts (which fail when brand new) with other new parts will make the car more reliable.

14th Dec 2008, 18:35

I couldn't agree more with you - Alfa is the only marque I care to drive. I'm on my 4th - however the other day whilst parking on the side of the road my Selespeed light started to flash and I couldn't engage any gears (I have an 01 156 2.0). As my pulse increased to an illegal level I called my Fiat/Alfa mechanic; to cut it short my Selespeed oil pump had died - so my goddess is in the shop now getting a nice new oil pump :-/

I'm not so bothered; this sort of thing happens. The car has also done 160 000km. I acquired it with 145 000km and it's been faultless.

Alfaholic - Australia.

13th Jan 2009, 06:18

Yes I have been very lucky up to now, yes I have been very fortunate to have been able to own an Alfa Romeo (actually more than one!)... I'm afraid it's an addiction.. if you understand then you just understand, if not then please don't buy one... you'll only be left broke from the repairs (this is a 156 we're talking about)..

My theory behind replacing parts up front is a joke, it's meant to be humour... but the real funny part of this is it's also the truth! When I bought my 156 first she was back to the garage 8 times in the first 6 months! One of the mechanics working the Alfa dealership lived near our house at the time, so when we had a problem with our car he would collect our 156 on the way to work and drop it off on the way home when it was fixed. We got to know him and his family quite well and still keep up contact!! :) See owning an Alfa wins you friends too...

When the 156 fell out of warranty I bought a heap of Snap-On Diagnostic equipment for my garage and some specialised tools to keep my 156 and GTV on the road. It turns out there is a market of this kind of thing. Lots of local Alfa owners in trouble; which has now spawned a hobby (little part time business)... so owning an Alfa also makes you money!

I now own a 159Ti too and someone recently asked me if I would rent my car for 45mins so a bride and groom could drive it away from the church for their photographs? When will the advantages to Alfa-ownership stop???!!! :) by the way I told them no of course.

On a serious note, yes they are unreliable in the past, yes the cost of maintenance is high. If you don't want to spend cash on a car or have it break down don't buy one. There are 100s of professional reviews out there on print and on the web... they all say Alfas are bad etc etc... but why do we still buy them? Are we mad? Are the Alfista insane? Possibly.



13th Jan 2009, 06:27

Just to reply to Alfaholic on 14th Dec.

I'm sorry to hear the gearbox on your car gave problems... but I'm sure you'll agree that would still wouldn't get rid of the car until it became a financial impossibility to keep the car on the road! I hope she is feeling much better and gets back on the tarmac as soon as possible. I can empathise that it can make you feel very angry when the problems come in quick succession; but then they perform... they perform.



4th Feb 2009, 01:50


She is fine!!! And in fact the other day I hit 160 000km and the outside temperature was 40 degrees C - just another balmy summer day in Australia - haha.

I have heard many complaints about the air con in the 156 - mine is great - if it copes with an ozzie summer it can cope with anything :)

31st Jan 2012, 21:55

I quite agree with your comments regarding the Italian temptress. It goes beyond just a vehicle to get you from A to B, and the analogy to a moody lady who sometime pleases is most apt! Wooh!