27th Jan 2002, 09:46

I really think someone high up at Alfa should look at this site and see that just about EVERYONE is unsatisfied with the dealers!!

My worst experience was where after a service the dealer claimed that my lease car company didn't pay for the services, and I was told to pay the bill myself. I couldn't afford the bill (a few days before payday), so I was told I couldn't have the car back, despite my protestations that the lease company payed the bill. Caught a taxi home. When I got back in work I got our company car person to ring them. When I rang again, they had changed their mind - apparently now our lease company did pay for services. They did not apologise to me after embarrassing me at their dealership.

I asked for the car to be dropped off at my house. They said they could not do this, they had no staff available, in the end I had to get another taxi to go pick it up... all because of their mistake. When I started to rant at the service receptionist she actually denied that they had said the lease company would not pay, and claimed it was my fault... I will never return to them.

28th Aug 2002, 08:40

Not unfamiliar. I imported mine through a relative directly from Italy, excellent saving financially. The car was presented in a red felt cover and looked magnificent. However problems emerged within the first day, the fuse box cover was falling off. After 16,500 miles, almost 1 1/2 years of ownership, the engine gave up the ghost and needed it was eventually diagnosed by Alfa as needing replacing. Cost of replacement quoted at £4000 which did not include replacing the variator, cam and timing belt which AlfaRomeo thought was the original problem, another £800. In anger I wrote to Alfa HO who promptly ordered the free replacement of the engine. 1 month later I'm still waiting to pick up a repaired car. Dealerships were unwilling to repair any prior faults (broken sender unit, fuse box etc) under the manufacturers standard 1 year warranty. Generally disappointing from a range of vehicles pupporting to be in competition in the same range and standard as the BMW 3 series. Although I love the car I would be reluctant to replace it with another Alfa.