16th Jan 2002, 11:58

I've had my Alfa 6 months and loving it, sadly all it took was one visit to a Alfa garage in Welling to tarnish my good experience with Alfa dealerships. It seems to me that your misfortunes are down to

1) Who's on the production line at the time your car was made.

2) Who services your car at Alfa dealerships.

Lucky for me all I got away with was an incomplete paint job on my spoiler. Apart from that, the car's solid, looks daaamn good and performs.

20th Jan 2003, 13:51

I have had my Alpha Romeo Selespeed for only 10 months and I'm afraid I would not recommend it, or the dealer to my worse enemy! Problems so far :

* Brake Servo - new one required after only 3 weeks

* Will not change from 2nd to 3rd gear using gearstick at least 3 times a week, has now been back to dealer 7! times and all they do is reset to factory settings.

* Windscreen wipers fail completely, parts replaced 2 times so far.

* Passenger door lock not working - had to be replaced

* Brakes still not very responsive, will carry on moving for couple of yards with brake pedal to floor, dealer does not think this is a problem!

* Stalls from 2nd gear, even though car is supposed to change down gear automatically.

Very disappointed in this car and the dealer (Chesterfield) and Head Office, as mentioned above by other people, really don't seem to care, will be getting shut ASAP and never buying another one I'm afraid to say as I thought this was going to be my dream car.

8th Jul 2004, 03:50

I have an alpha 156, it is a fantastic car however I have had several problems with it. It kept stalling at very low speed and also jupmed gears from 2-4. There was a recall for the stalling so I took it in to Welling and was appalled by the service, I got the car back with more problems than before. However after a lot of arguing and and threat of legal action the stalling and the extra faults were corrected. I still have a gear problem which is worse, it now jumps from 2-5 since coming back from Welling. Will be taking it to Northgate.

7th May 2006, 06:32

I have a 156 GTA selespeed alpha romeo which is 2 years old and 10,000 miles on the clock. Two significant faults have occurred. The first is life threatening, resulting in the ignition cutting out and the car coming to a dramatic halt. This has occurred on 4 occasions, the last being most significant as I approached some traffic lights. My fear is that this fault will occur again when I am travelling at speed. The dealer seems unconcerned about the fault indicating that it would have to happen again before they could replace the engine management system (which they think may be at fault, but aren't sure) The car has been in the garage for 2 weeks, and I am still waiting for a satisfactory 'cure' to my problem. The second fault concerns the brakes. In February I reported the fault (juddery feeling when applying breaks) to be told it was fine and safe to drive. In April I was told that I needed new discs, pads, ABS and break pipes which were corroded. I now have a car in which I have no confidence and fear for my safety.