10th Sep 2002, 06:45

I agree with your comments. Had trouble with petrol gauge also. RDS functions of radio failed, one Alfa dealer insisted there was no fault, but another confirmed fault and replaced the unit. Power steering hydraulic hose failed (subject of recall) after 6 months and resulted in fire which put car off road for 5 months! Alfa supplied a lower specification 166 during repairs. Some rattles remain, but neither Alfa or dealer can/will fix them. Great car to drive and mostly fun to own, poor support and bad attitude by Alfa in UK does not win friends.

24th Feb 2003, 10:12

This car really does live up to its "super" tag. Performance is very good, although at times you can tell it's a heavy car. The engine just loves revs though and sounds great, although its not quite as vocal as the old 12v uncatalyzed 164 I owned previously. The gearshift is not as sweet either. No major faults, although I had a new clutch at 30k and a tire wear problem now seems to have been cured by the Alfa dealer after unsuccessful attempts by "fast fit" centers. Rain sensitive wipers are brilliant - wouldn't want a car without them now, daft central display only works if you have the radio on! Alfa dealers are getting better, but I have a sneaking suspicion that David Brent's TV show "The Office" is actually Alfa's HQ! (both in Slough apparently)

10th Aug 2003, 15:17

I beg to disagree. After owning mercedes and bmw I ventured into the Alfa World looking for excitement.

It didn't happen.

One year after taking delivery of my 3.0 v6 I can't wait for the day that I find a gullible buyer for it.

Average performance, lousy electronics, unreliable (towed to the dealer Three times) and...dated interior.

A cat dressed as a Wolf...

I take delivery of a used 911 Coupe in three weeks and KNOW I will be happy, Alfa dream on.

25th Apr 2005, 22:02


Unfortunately I have to say that Alfa will never compete with the Germans' marques. I bought a second hand 3.0 V6 semi-automatic only to find out it was a four speed rather than a five speed one. I own an E34 540i V8 BMW and its some how more economical than the Alfa. It also rides better and that's after 200,000 miles on the clock. The alfa has 90,000 but feels like its done over 300,000. It looks great, but the engine is over rated and acceleration is nothing to talk about. Has a decent amount of kit though, but it doesn't make up for the disapointment. After two cam belt changes, engined feels overworked and when idling sounds like an eighties 4 cylinder. Dealers say they can't find anything wrong, and seem to undermine one another. Definitely one to avoid and will never look at an Alfa again.

Thank you.