12th Jan 2003, 14:47

Hi readers,

I have spent the last couple of years restoring my much loved GTV6, new panels, 3.0L engine, totally stripped of all bolts and bearings, all have been replaced with stainless steel parts. I have also added power steering which improves the handling greatly. My car now runs like never before and I enjoy using it every day. All problems have been solved therefore I couldn't ask for a better car, and I've driven quite a few different cars over the years.

Thanks all.

Paul UK.

29th Nov 2004, 14:16

I bought my 1985 GTV6 new and have owned it since. I now have 247,000 miles on the car and with the exception of the usual head gasket replacement (3 times) the motor has not been touched. Original heads and lower end, still with almost no oil consumption. The clutch has been replaced twice (single disc now) and the 2nd gear synchro changed once. I drive it daily and it has been the best car I have ever owned. Very little rust at the bottom of the door sills and the battery storage area. I do all the work on the car; water pump, timing belt, etc. I redline the motor regularly and the car loves it. Would not sell for any price! Well, may be not.

8th Dec 2004, 15:07

I've had a GTV6 for the past 6 years and have been very happy with it. Unlike the other satisfied customers I do have most work done by a garage. Most failures have been mileage related and replacing the part has always solved the problem. These cars are beautiful, fast, surprisingly economical and reliable and totally addictive! Anyone who loves driving and finds BMWs, Audis and Mercs antiseptic should give one a go.

9th Jul 2006, 09:33

I had one & the gearchange was woeful. I don't expect this in a sports coupe. Neither do I expect to have to spend thousands on making it right. It should "be right" out of the box. Not good enough!

19th Apr 2009, 18:51

Responding to the last comment. It's an Alfa. It's not going to be 100% reliable, but if you have a motoring soul you'll still love them; especially a GTV. Buy a Toyota Corolla if you must you non believer!!

30th Jan 2010, 14:05

I have a 1983 GTV6. I have totally upgraded this car to what I consider to be the ultimate 3 litre engine. 2 litre gearbox, power steering, Harvey Bailey suspension, grooved and drilled discs, Powerflex bushes. I have kept the bodywork standard, mk3 interior, Zender wheels, Pirelli P Zero tyres, and no German rubish will ever take her place thank you.

16th Mar 2010, 14:35

I have a 4 cylinder one and an Alfasud Sprint.

Both of them are wonderful to ride in, and uncommon cars. I really love them.

22nd Apr 2010, 16:06

People who use contrived phrases like 'motoring soul' to describe a substandard, under-developed car are deluded. What's soulful about not being able to engage second gear properly because of a pathetic synchro? What's soulful about not being able to start the car when the engine's hot? What's soulful about poor handling abilities. Swap the word 'soulful' for 'badly engineered'.

1st Nov 2016, 16:14

Which model do you drive? Have you had it long?