2019 Alfa Romeo Giulia diesel 180 HP from Turkey


Nothing went wrong with the car. I had it as rental during a trip to Italy. Renting a car in Italy, it had to be a Giulia and nothing else!

General Comments:

The general impression was very good. Legal speeds are achieved very easily and with very little throttle input. The comfort in general and seats were good. The only thing I may reproach on the car was that the rear suspension was a bit too jumpy for me while passing over the paving junction sections on motorways, such as in and out of bridges and viaducts. The sound proofing is a real step better than the 159.

The driving position is good (much better compared to the 159). I found the navigation/ audio very well integrated in the dashboard and very intuitive. It doesn't look like a "smartphone glued or bolted to the dash".

The luggage space is only average and not the most practical (not very high), but still enough. There are many storage spaces all around inside, which is good (again a very big step forward from the 159).

I would like to have one but... the but is that the car new is worth ten times my current 159. So, to me, it would be a complete nonsense get rid of my 159 and pay ten times the 159 to get a Giulia. Just is not worth that much.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2019

12th Apr 2020, 01:46

Thanks for reviewing this Italian car. It's unfortunate AR sells so little in North America - ironically there are a lot of Italians in the US.