2004 Alfa Romeo GT 1.8 Twin Spark from Greece


The Alfa GT is a car that stands out

General Comments:

The ALFA GT is a scandalously beautiful car, which also combines performance and practicality.

In my opinion, the GT is the most gorgeous car on the market and one of the very few real grand tourers that are also suitable for everyday use.

No other affordable car can introduce the owner to the club of luxury GTs.

Quality is now very good and dramatically improved over older alfas.

The GT is loaded with all safety features and most "extras" are included in the standard specification, which actually I bought.

The handling is superb and the brakes effective even in high speed.

However, visibility is poor and the ride on bad roads not very comfortable.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2005

27th Mar 2015, 22:52

Yes, it is a beautiful looking car I agree. Everyone admires its gorgeous looks. Mine is a 2009 2.0 GT Cloverleaf in gorgeous Atlantico Blue.

I bought it February 2015, and a leaking air intake sent a message to the computer, but I got it fixed by an Alfa specialist. It also has a squeaky right hand wishbone, but my Alfa dealer sent me one for free.

The interior is high class leather too, but the air con controls are a bit fiddly, but OK.

Rear legroom is not bad either.

25 MPG round town in winter and 37 MPG on the motorway at 85 mph.

It's a full spec coupe and a very rare car with Italian character. It's early days for me now, and I hope I don't get too many problems. I'm glad that I bought one.

2004 Alfa Romeo GT 2.0 petrol from Singapore


A bargin supercar



General Comments:

On my first day of ownership a guy in a Ferrari pulled up along side and said my Gt was absolutely stunning, then hit the gas and left me for dust! 5 months later I still get people staring and waving from cars costing twice as much.

It looks, handles and is a joy to own and drive, and is so much better built than my old 147.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2005

25th Jan 2005, 07:55

I was so tempted by the GT, but my experiences with Alfa Romeo have introduced me to a level of incompetence and excuses that I never thought possible from a mainstream dealer. I own a 147 and as soon as I get it back from the garage it will go straight into a car auction-good riddance!