3rd Oct 2006, 15:08

That's unfortunate - was it one of the early GT's? It would appear the gremlins have been resolved on the later models.

Having said that you can get a 'dud' car from any manufacturer... sounds like you may have been unlucky.

6th Nov 2006, 01:22

I have owned a number of Alfas over the years and fully understand the Alfa "thing". Delighted as I am that you have joined the club PLEEEEEASSSSE do not make the mistake of concluding that they have the reliability thing cracked after only 3 months and 2,500 miles of ownership - such confidence will undoubtedly bite you back!!! Other than that - agree with everything you say!

13th May 2007, 10:10

I've owned a brand new GT JTD for almost 2 years and then took my loss and sold it because the rattling and creaking in the interior was driving me nuts. It really took away all the fun of driving, which is something you should have with an Alfa. It's a great car to drive with gorgeous looks, but the build quality is just terrible and the dealerships are no help at all.

15th Jun 2008, 16:09

Well here I am back after 11K miles and 2yrs of ownership.

So much for all the gloom merchants.

Boot did rattle and took Alfa age to sort it, and the EGR valve got clogged up and needed replacing...that's it!

My Wife's Mk6 golf from the Oh so reliable Germans has been to the garage more and we've only had it a year!!

Now have a 2nd child and considering a 4 door car - only one option for me the equally gorgeous 159ti.

2nd Feb 2009, 06:18

To the poster from 21st Jan 2009, I suggest you check out the Alfa Owner website: http://www.alfaowner.com/Forum/

You could re-post your thread there, and I'm sure you'll get plenty of responses about things to look out for with the V6 GT.

15th Oct 2009, 03:01

I've been looking at a 2004 GTV6 in the last few days and asked the dealer how costly they were to maintain. He said, on the high side and mentioned that the cam belt needed to be replaced every 60,000 k's at around 1500 dollars a time.

Lovely looking car but sounds expensive. Anyone else got any comments about the cost of running one of these.


24th Nov 2012, 05:30

We had the GT for a year back in 2010, and had to sell it due to relocation. We still regret that we sold the car.

It was such a great car to drive for its performance and beauty. I fell in love with the car right at the first test drive. I felt so close to the floor and steering control (yeah, it is my first 'sports' car).

As to the maintenance, we did have the car fixed twice in a year; one time due to break down of the clutch (freezing winter in Germany), and another time with the engine.

But we still loved it, and it performed well. I drove it at least once a week on the highway at close to 200km/h (the car started to 'shake' a bit around that, but under 160km/h was fine, and it performed well even on curves) and the car was driven over 60,000km for the year.

With its sleek and sporty look, we could easily load the car with two snowboards, two pairs of skis and make a ski trip of 4 persons for a week, plus luggage!! (a little bit cramped, but we were still impressed).

So all I can say is I loved this car, and I had so much fun with it.

The only down side is the consumption of diesel, as it is getting so expensive and less environmentally friendly (with all the environmental awareness going on around the globe). :D.