1999 Alfa Romeo GTV Lusso 2.0 Litre Twin Spark from UK and Ireland


Wonderful car, just steer away from main dealers and take it to a specialist.


Near side window seal does not allow glass to sit flush to the sealing face unless window is lowered slightly and then raised. (Believe later models have a modification that does this automatically).

Syncromesh on first gear needed replacing when I bought the car (42,000 miles). As I don't know how the car was driven by the previous owner, I don't know whether this is due to a design weakness or bad driving.

General Comments:

A fantastic package with a few down sides;

Firstly, I was surprised at the poor fuel consumption from a modern 2 litre engine. I did not expect the 38 miles per gallon I used to get from my 1.8 litre 8 valve Golf GTI, but over the same journey I'm getting just 27 mpg from the Alfa.

The turning circle is awful! I'm getting used to this though, and it is only a problem occasionally.

Personally, I feel the driver sits too high in the seat, a definate feeling of sitting on the car and not in it. I believe the latest models have a height adjustment fitted, which my 1999 example does not.

Main dealer parts and labour costs are horrendous. I take mine to a specialist and use after market patten parts, so far to no ill effect.

So much for the down sides;

Performance is great, the engine just loves to rev. Mid range power is especially good.

The handling is wonderful. It is precise and is complimented by the quick steering rack. The car is slightly ruffled by man hole covers mid bend, but not excessively. The body is stiff and does not flex during hard cornering.

Road holding is great, I have thankfully never found the cars limits. Unsurprisingly, there is the slightest hint of under steer when powering round a wet round-about.

The ride is firm, but then this is a sports coupe!

I find the brakes to be sharp and very effective.

Build quality is good, with no rattles.

The looks are wonderful, and the car is still a fairly rare sight, so you generally get a friendly wave from any other GTV drivers.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2003

1999 Alfa Romeo GTV V6 Lusso 3.0 from UK and Ireland


Nice face, shame about the legs


Two sets of front tyres had to be replaced within a year. The insides had been scrubbed clean due to poor tracking.

The bonnet release sensor was replaced at 30,000 miles due to a fault.

The timing belt was replaced at 58,000 miles.

New front brake discs at 48,000 miles.

New rear wheel bearing at 48,000 miles.

A throttle sensor was replaced at 59,000 miles to cure an intermittent fault that is still present. This will hopefully be cured at the next visit to the agent.

The steering rack, power steering pump and belt are awaiting replacement at 59,000 miles.

Cracks in the interior trim around the door pillars.

General Comments:

It looks stunning, handles like a dream and sings like an angel when revved hard.

When this car is running properly it really is a joy to drive. On a winding road it roars like a tiger and sticks like a leech. In town it's a pussycat.

Unfortunately the down-sides of owning an Alfa remain all too apparent. Dealer service is mediocre yet expensive. It always seems to take several visits to get the problems sorted out properly.

Spares are seldom in stock and cost a fortune.

The availability of body panels also seems to be a problem if you are unlucky enough to be hit by another vehicle. It took almost three months to get my car back from the repairers!

Do I still love the car? I reckon so, but some German offerings are starting to look mighty attractive alternatives.

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Review Date: 11th June, 2002

15th Jun 2005, 18:18

Alright mate. About the intermittent fault regarding the throttle. are you referring to a slow pick up and serious flat spot as if no fuel is getting in? I had this problem and replaced the throttle sensor too. but it was still happening. I checked the air intake pipe BEFORE the sensor/potentiometer and found it to be ripped and torn in-between the concertina type bit. the tears meant too much air was getting in and seriously hampering performance. a bit of tape wrapped around it makes a great temporary fix until a new piece of pipe is ordered. so check that out and see if it helps!

7th May 2014, 06:41

Nice review and a great comment about the taping up of the air intake; exactly the kind of insight only an owner knows!