1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 2.0 L from Norway


A fun, second hand, hobby car


Oil leaks everywhere.

Problems with the instruments (electrical problem).

Rust in the left side of the floor and some minor spots.

Changed bearing front, right side.

Changed front windshield (the garage did a lousy job and it's leaking).

The dashboard has got a crack.

General Comments:

Easy car to fix up yourself.

Looks great.

Not a big problem to get parts for old models.

Look out for rust! (You need a garage to avoid it).

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Review Date: 4th April, 2001

1974 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce 2000 2.0L from North America


Minor Spica fuel injection problems as provided to USA cars.

Chronic exhaust smell despite much effort to stop.

General Comments:

Excellent 2nd car for sporty clear weather days. Stunning classic lines in the early examples.

Collector quality and prices.

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Review Date: 7th March, 1999

2nd Feb 2008, 08:21

Frighteningly familiar. My 1974 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 has one frequent problem, the SPICA system. From running too rich despite having been adjusted to replacing the TA, cleaning the injectors, etc. The SPICA has cost me over $1500 in repairs, and I still need it tuned.

I smell exhaust *constantly* top up - top down, it doesn't matter. I can be going 65mph or at a stop light, after I have been driving for about 10 minutes I smell exhaust in the cockpit of the car. No leaks in the exhaust, from manifold to tail pipe I have had it crawled over by 2 shops, both specialty exhaust places. Not to mention my Alfa mechanic who just shrugs and says if it bothers me that much sell the car.

Grinding into second, and from 3 back to 2, synchros on this car are famous for grinding.

Finally, on hot days (95F +) my car won't run. It stutters, it jerks. It is like a clogged fuel filter, or if you were to floor the gas pedal and then take foot off, floor and off, floor and off. Eventually on a long drive (300+ miles) it ended up in 3rd gear, my foot to the floor, jerking back and forth at around 25mph, any higher gear and it stalled, lower and it wouldn't exceed 5mph.

I had to drive it like that for roughly 60 miles, which took about 2 hours, on I-80.

Other than that I love this car.

29th Apr 2016, 21:43

Check for a rusty fuel tank restricting the fuel filter.