1983 AMC Eagle 4.2 from North America


Good car... When it was new


When I got this car, the valve cover was severely leaking. Had to replace that before I could even drive it.

The 4WD never worked right.

The A/C was busted.

The alternator went within the first week.

It ALWAYS stalled when stopped.

It never liked starting in the cold.

There was always this weird burning smell.

Even with new brake pads, shoes, wheel cylinders, calipers, rotors and everything else, it never stopped right.

The engine oil pump died while driving, and left me on the side of the road.

Driver's door handle never worked.

What paint?

General Comments:

It was ugly as sin, but kinda fun to drive in a weird way, due to all the strange looks.

It got 30 MPG... When it ran.

It was comfortable on longer trips, and had good heat.

It could run at 90+MPH on the highways for extended periods. Not why the engine died.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

27th Jul 2012, 09:11

Why would anyone drive an old beater like this at "90+ mph"?

25th Sep 2012, 14:30

Speedo goes to 85. How did you go 90?

27th Sep 2012, 07:17

I drove a Pontiac that passed 120 mph, and the needle was pointing into the letters for the automatic transmission on the dash. Look at a Buick Grand National with the ridiculous 85 mph speedometer. Easily buried.

1983 AMC Eagle Wagon 258 6 from North America


Fun car for a cheap price


Three door handles broken.

Head liner ripped out.

Leaky valve cover.

Air conditioning not working.

Drivers seat has a small tear.

General Comments:

The 4 wheel drive works great. The seats are comfortable and it is fun to drive.

The engine has enough power to get the job done, but it would'nt blow your hat off.

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Review Date: 7th August, 2003

1983 AMC Eagle DL Sedan 6 cylinder. 258 from North America


Better than a cheap foreign Subaru


The exterior drivers door handle broke and I had to crawl through.

The drivers armrest fell off.

There was a lot of static on the radio when you hit a bump.

The panels under the windshield & rear window began to rust, as well as under the edges of the vinyl roof.

The carpet faded.

General Comments:

It was my first car, since I began driving at age 30.

I loved this car, and it was an excellent car.

I only got rid of it because I needed something newer to take on long trips.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

1983 AMC Eagle SX/4 258 from North America


Eye catcher


CV joint boots don't lest that long.

Starter gives out every time it gets wet.

Rear differential seal gave out after it swallow a plastic bag.

General Comments:

The car was in very good condition so after figuring out what it was I made on offered on it and that made me the owner of a very different looking car or 4X4.

It got a 2 inch lift whit coil spring spacer in the front and Add-a-Leaf in the back.

Rally brush guard whit lights on the front bumper.

Turn signal lights where rewire whit patrol car flasher relays for alternating the original turn signal and the fog lights in the front and alternating the brake lights in the back.

At this time it is getting a frame up restoration whit rebuilt engine, automatic transmission, and new differentials.

On the top there is a ConFer roof rack.

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Review Date: 24th November, 2002

1983 AMC Eagle SX/4 4.2L Inline 6 cylinder from North America


A tough car with craploads (in a good sense) of character to spare


Rear main seal leaking slightly when I acquired the car (but doesn't seem to be a common problem with other Eagles).

Idle jets in the Carter 2bbl carburetor are clogged. This is a common problem and is fixed easily, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. Causes a slightly rough idle and sometimes the engine will stall when coming to a stop mostly when the engine is cold.

Upper radiator hose leaked when I acquired the car. I have since replaced it. This was caused by excessive pressure build up in the cooling system. The lower radiator hose is evidence of this because it was bulging. I replaced the original radiator cap with one with a lower pressure relief valve to prevent any future complications.

Emissions tubing from the exhaust manifold to catalytic converter was rusted away and the car would not pass emmissions. This was replaced with metal tubing near the manifold and heat treated hose from there to the cat.

General Comments:

After crashing my 87 Dodge Daytona twice it was time for another car. I was looking for a car with a little character. It took me a little while to find it, but I have enjoyed it since day one. I didn't want a Civic, Taurus, Camaro, Mustang, or any of those cars that everybody and their mother has. I hardly ever see Eagles nevermind the SX/4 hatchback version. It even gets people's attention sometimes when I'm driving around town.

Here are a few specs off the top of my head (may not be exact) :

258 ci (4.2L) OHV I-6 engine

Carter BBD 2 barrel carb

115 HP

225ft/lbs torque (something like that)

Selectable RWD or 4WD

15mpg if your lucky

Weighs about 3000lbs.

Completed Modifications:

-Larger 2002 Jeep Wheels and Tires (barely fit, but look real nice). Tires are 215/75/R15 vs. stock 195/75/R15. I also used 5/16" wheel spacers in the rear because the rear track width is shorter than the front.

-K&N E-1080 High Flow Air Filter

-Cape Conversions TFI ignition upgrade (includes larger distributer/rotor, high output coil, thicker ignition wires). This kit allows you to overgap the spark plugs due to the higher voltage coil, which creates a larger combustion and slightly more power. It also revs much higher because the the large distributor eliminates crossfiring which occurs in the diminutive stock cap.

Future plans:

-Mild suspension lift to provide more tire clearance and tougher look.

-Auxiliary Lighting: fog lights, driving lights, insane back up lights

-Install CD player + new speakers

-Higher flow exhaust system (+a couple HP)

-Advance ignition timing (+a couple HP)

-4.0L Jeep head conversion (+30-40 HP)

-Auxiliary transmission cooler

-Weber carb to replace the crappy Carter (+a few HP)

-Dash mounted tachometer

-OEM rear spoiler.

The only complaints I have about the car is that the front seats were replaced prior to my ownership with the improper color. The rear seating is tight, but my friends don't seem to mind because the car is so damn cool. There are also no cup holders, but I'm taking care of that soon.

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Review Date: 26th February, 2002

22nd May 2002, 22:31

How much power? I had an 80 Eagle wagon, and it sure didn't feel like it had that much power. I suppose the wagon was a bit heavier than the SX/4, so that may account for it. The 258 were tough as nails, but quite underpowered. A hotter ignition and perhaps even an add-on fuel injection system, Chrysler actually made a system for AMC/Jeep 258's, would certainly wake the engine right up.