1984 AMC Eagle DL 4.2 inline Six from North America


Tough, comfy, but sloppy handling


Brakes, shocks, front springs, tires are bald, hole in the gas tank, exhaust, carburetor.

General Comments:

I got this car for free while looking for a car for my friend. I've put about $100 into it and have driven it for a year. I love the leather seats. They are really comfy on long trips. The four wheel drive is awesome in the snow and mud. The carburetors on these cars suck big time. I replaced it with a carb from a 318 v-8. The choke doesn't work, but the engine will still start even when it is 10 degrees out. The quality is really good for an eighties car. The previous owner really neglected the car. The oil looked like it wasn't changed for like 30,000 miles. It was all dark and sludgy. The only things I have fixed on it are brakes, exhaust, and the gas tank twice. But it is leaking again. When it was fixed the car got really good gas mileage, about 25-30mpg.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2004

30th Mar 2004, 13:56

Since you got the Eagle, what did your fiend end up with?

1984 AMC Eagle Limited 4.2L, 258 cu. in. 6 cylinder. from North America


The Original "Car-Based" SUV


The brake system needed work (Master cylinder, new rear line, distribution valve, and new rear wheel cylinders.

Four-Wheel-Drive system doesn't work properly.

Needed new shocks.

And a simple routine tune-up (engine cleaned, new spark plugs and wires, new filters and PCV valve).

The interior is in rough shape, but I'm presently in the process fixing it up.

The body is fine with only the door weatherstripping not sealing properly.

General Comments:

This is a great car.

I own a '79 Concord (which is the parts donor for the Eagle) and I fell in love with AMC. I had since tried finding an Eagle and then I came across this one.

The Eagle is known for its stout build quality and four-wheel-drive prowess.

The exterior I find tastful with the interior equally as well finished.

The engine is durable and strong, though it isn't a sports car. I hear switching to either the Mopar MPI fuel injection or the Howell fuel injection systems improve both performance and reliability over the Carter BBD carburetor.

The only one drawback is its handling. The vehicles ride hight means you can't take turns too fast. Again some aftermarket suspension parts (sway bars, shocks, springs) can improve upon its cornering ability. Also the steering could be more precise. Car and Driver changed the steering box spool valve assembly to increase road feel and sensitivity.

Over all I wouldn't trade this car in for anything in the world.

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Review Date: 16th October, 2003

4th Apr 2004, 20:43

Check out your air vac for your 4x4 wheel drive vac switch also your air line also your vac switch on the front axle.

18th May 2005, 16:49

I love mine too, but am moving and need to sell it


1984 AMC Eagle from North America


A sturdy, die-hard tank, that is fun to drive!


There were transmission fluid leaks.

The valve cover leaks oil.

The CV joints needed replacement.

It needed an oil change and tune-up.

It had a broken driver's side tail light.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and I searched for a while before I found an Eagle near me, that I could buy. It had been siting for a while, so it needed a basic check up to get it running smooth. I bought the car for $500, and have fixed all the major problems so far for under $300.

I like this car very much because of the style. That is what drew me in at first. Then I found out about its four wheel drive capabilities, and it seemed like the car for me! It is very comfortable to drive, and I hope it lasts me a long time! I have only had it for about a month and a half, but so far it is a great car!

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Review Date: 27th August, 2003

8th Mar 2010, 13:01

As far as the valve cover leaking oil, the best way to fix that is to replace the cruddy stock plastic cover with an aluminum cover. I never understood the reasoning that AMC used for putting something plastic right on top of the motor.