1984 AMC Eagle DL wagon 258 CID I-6 from North America


A fine example of AMC craftsmanship


Well, I'm still fixing it up from when I bought it, but here I go...

Transmission lines

Brake lines.

Brake rotors.

Brake lines.

Brake hardware.

Brake hoses.

Brake line.

Wheel cylinder


Master cylinder.

Shock absorbers.

Stabilizer links.

General Comments:

This is my first car, and I'm fixing it up for when I get my license. Most of the problems have been caused by the heavy rust underneath. I am going to paint the underbody with POR-15. The previous owner fixed a lot as well, including the transfer case and headliner. The owner two titles ago was the one who let it sit for years I assume.

My Eagle is one of the best equipped models I've ever seen, with features including power seats, power locks, power windows, tilt, cruise, gauges, sport steering wheel, and trailer towing package. I absolutely love the Eagle's interiors. I find them to be very luxurious and comfy. I am 6'3, and have more than enough room. The engine runs smoothly, but it doesn't idle well (I think it needs a new air cleaner, that's on my list of things to do). The transmission shifts nicely, and with the 4WD on it's practically impossible to spin the wheels. While the steering is a little overassisted, it still feels nice and the car is very easy to drive. It is somewhat quiet on the inside. Finally, the car gets a lot of looks, and my friends who swore that they would never own a station wagon absolutely love my car. Overall, the car was the best $300 I've ever spent.

If anybody out there has either the real Eagle alloy wheels, or the hoses for the air-compressor/air-suspension motor, please email me at cb_radio_19@yahoo.com.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2003

1984 AMC Eagle Wagon 4.2L six from North America


Always gets me where I want or need to go


Basic maintenance.

Clutch, tires, battery, radiator, water pump, exhaust, wheel bearings, shocks, and various sundries.

Tranny broke after 50K worth of abuse.

New custom front frame rails to replace rusted ones. Only time the car had been inside was for repairs so the rust was anticipated.

General Comments:

Bad ass wagon for 4-wheeling and snow belt duty.

Two feet of snow can't stop it.

Low range transfer case, brush guard, limited slip differential, and custom lift added.

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Review Date: 9th September, 2002

17th Sep 2002, 19:19

Sounds like a bad-a$$ eagle...

I was wondering how you went about doing the front lift and what model t-case did you use?? did it bolt right up and all you had to do was fabricate the shifter?? also... I want a brush guard, but I'm not sure what will fit... I hear the ones for 89 style bronco's will fit, but have never had the opportunity to look at one... thanks man.

1984 AMC Eagle inline six from North America


The best do-anything vehicle I have had


The radiator failed shortly after buying the Eagle; no big deal after 100,000 miles though.

The front and rear springs needed to be replaced due to the previous owner overloading the ball while towing and some over-aggressive two tracking.

The carb is in need of replacement as it hesitates sometimes during acceleration.

General Comments:

The engine is very strong and powerful; not fast, but it would pull itself up a tree. Always starts.

Four wheel drive is flawless and will go anywhere.

Ground clearance is excellent; much better then any modern SUV.

The most versatile and up-for-a-challenge vehicle I have ever owned.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2002