14th Dec 2004, 14:25

So, it took this guy 3 Eagles to turn him against AMC Eagles forever?

Most people only need to have owned 1 to feel that way!

21st Dec 2004, 01:46

Amen to that!! I borrowed my father's '85 with only 90k miles on it a couple months in 2001 and it was a crappy car. That had to be the most uncomfortable and slow car I've driven thus far. It wasn't very reliable as it started to have electrical problems (a relay, turn signal clicker, rear wiper worked only sometimes), it idled too high or low and stalled out several times. Half of the time the four wheel drive never kicked in. Nobody could ever figure out the carburetor problem. The heater core dumped fluid on the floor and the windows always fogged up in night driving after that for some reason. It was in good shape, but ugly as sin with a tan/brown paint scheme and huge wire wheels. At least he sold it now.

7th Jan 2005, 19:20

I don't care what anybody says these are the coolest cars ever and they don't always break down. I just bought one for $300 and its still running good as ever and I know what you mean about the four wheel drive. Tt doesn't click in all the time, but you don't always need it and if you tried a couple more times she will be up in 4 in no time!

29th Mar 2007, 13:22

Most of the problems people have are due to their vehicle's 20+ year age. The 4wd probably is not kicking in because of 20 year old vacuum lines that need replacing, and carb trouble is common after 10 years!

23rd Feb 2009, 12:33

Well, to respond to everyone, I am on my second AMC Eagle and I have to say I dearly love it. Yes, things can get out of adjustment on it, but if it is kept in good repair it is great.

To the last guy who wrote of the shifter issue... not uncommon, but easily fixed. I fixed mine a few months ago. Just remove the cover over the shifter, and loosen the screw in the shifter and remove the remnants of the cable from the bottom. Put back together. It will allow it to shift without pushing the button, so you have to be a bit careful. I usually am not in the habit of shifting into reverse when I am going 60, anyway! It does make it easier to downshift to second on slick roads.

Parts are easily available because 90% are the same as the Jeep CJ. Here's on for you... one day the headlights would no longer work. I discovered that one headlight had a pinhole in it and the light had filled with water until it reached the element. When I turned the lights on, it was a direct short and shorted out the switch in the dash. It is a Ford Mustang or Maverick switch.

Great car!

4th Jul 2009, 11:57

I love my '85 Limited because he is so off the beaten path. Yeah he is slow and requires the necessary care of any old car, but when he gets hit by a 2007 Camry and watches it get totaled with not so much as a scratch to his bumper, it's good to know that this eccentric whatsit is my daily driver.

I also love the fact that he is the antithesis of the self-absorbed "check-me-out" common lien vehicle that is native to the California highway, while still turning heads at a fraction of the cost. We have survived all the common Eagle model heartaches together and are still inseparable. Love is loyalty folks - got to take the good with the bad.

2nd Aug 2009, 15:42

Let's see... uh... my 19 year old Eagle needs work, what! No LIFETIME Warranty??!!!

That's it! No more Eagles for me!!!

16th Oct 2010, 13:55

These cars were way ahead of their time. Anybody that complains about a car that is 25 years old is just misguided.

16th Oct 2010, 16:26

Yes, but the car was only 19 years old when they complained about it!

16th Nov 2011, 07:16

Well I have an 85 AMC Eagle, and I love my car. They're really durable. The only reason people like y'all have problems with them, is y'all don't know much on how to work on them, so before you say any more, get a book and learn something about it.

19th May 2012, 18:53

About 5 years ago one of my sons bought an 85 Eagle Limited (station wagon), and he loves it. He did find it a bit hard to find parts around here (Maine). He finally found a place in NH, and shipping is only a day or so. He had a problem getting the inner rings for the "boots".

He gets more looks when traveling. It's almost like he's some big shot or something, and everyone is crowded around him and that Eagle LOL. I get a kick out of it.

One guy hit the nail on the head when he said some folks don't know how to work on them... cars back then and now are totally different!!

31st May 2012, 10:19

Anyone who doesn't know how to work on a 27 year old AMC with stone-age technology, has no business trying to work on new or old cars at all.

25th Sep 2013, 18:36

I bought an 85 Eagle wagon on eBay in May 2013 with 59000 original miles. This was my fourth. They are different and old technology, but they are unbeatable in the snow, and you have a tank under you.

Mine came with a Holley fuel injection system, which runs well.

For those that complain about tailgates that won't stay open, it's called tailgate shocks. A 29 year old vehicle needs some cash input. Parts are available and there are online sites that cater to AMC cars only. Even JC Whitney has an Eagle section. But at least it's paid off.

Take care.