6th Nov 2008, 23:04

I'm not sure why I did it, but I bought a 1984 Eagle Wagon, the main reason I bought this tank is because it has a professionally installed 360 Chrysler v-8 and transmission, which run perfect, the problems are with the vacuum lines, cv joints, turn signal switch, rear wiper and defroster and small things like that. It is a limited and to my surprise all the power mirrors, door locks and seats work fine. My main plan is to use it as a trailer tow rig, the body and paint are in very good condition, so hopefully with the tow hitch installed I'll not regret buying it since I paid way to much and the repair bills haven't come due yet. My advice to anyone buying a car this old is not to take the sellers word about anything, but take it to a trained mechanic and have it checked out.

23rd May 2009, 03:00

Should have switched to the AMC 232cid two barrel. More power and pickup. Motor of my choice since my 1970 Hornet. When the second barrel kicked in, the backend drops down and car takes off like a V8.

The 4wd Eagle most likely has a worn out valve. The one I have has same problem, and that is the cause of it not changing from inside control. Need to make up mind as to whether you want two wheel or four wheel drive. Remove the metal cover under the car and find the switch and move it manually.

4th Oct 2009, 18:47

I have the chance to purchase an '85 wagon eagle for $3000. The car was garage kept for the past 15 years, and only has 30,000 miles on it. The car seems mint for the most part. Is this a good deal? I'm not real familiar with the AMC Eagle's. Also, what are the approx. MPG's for this car? Your help is appreciated. Thank you.

13th Apr 2011, 14:24

I need an original factory installed starter for a 1985 AMC Eagle wagon with the 258 c.i. engine with 5 speed. It can be new or used, but must be an original equipment starter. The problem is rebuilt starters from parts stores do not match up to the original flywheel ring gear teeth, and wear out in a very (2-3 weeks at most, and I've only done that twice) short time. Cash of course. clydewalden@yahoo.com

13th Sep 2013, 22:45

I just got an 85 AMC Eagle 6 cylinder straight 4.2 liter with 73k miles. I have to make a little cleanup, and changed all the parking brake cables. At first it was so hard to start because it had been in the garage for 15 years the owner mentioned. It was titled in Florida and they drove it to Virginia Beach, VA. I added an electronic digital RPM gauge and voltage monitor that I got from Ebay for $20.00. I adjusted the RPM to 600 +/-50 as written in the sticker. Now it is running like a champ.

I degreased and power washed the engine because there were residual oil drips on the exhaust manifold, causing it to smoke. The smoke went away after the motor dried. It has carburetor in it so it is very easy to adjust the fuel setting, and save gas.

The AMC old literature/records show this AMC Eagle can get up to 33 MPG. I am going to experiment with it. Next week I am going to install an electronic digital fuel/air ratio gauge monitor ($24.00 Ebay) also.

21st Sep 2013, 15:42

33 MPG? That claim would be for the 2.5 liter 4-cylinder Eagle with the 5-speed manual transmission, a model that was not even available by 1985, when the 258 six-cylinder became standard equipment.

The Eagle was already quite slow with the six cylinder; the four must have been a real turtle, no wonder it didn't sell.