1986 AMC Grand Wagoneer from North America


It's the most capable vehicle I've ever driven!


Transmission cooler blew

Engine/gearcase/diffs/transmission leaked like a sieve

Transmission blew

Frame broke (in 4 spots in 1 day)

Various windows

Power steering pump

Turn Signal lever / heater core /gas gauge

U-joints last 2 years

Floor rotted out, and body dropped

Headliner fell

Side window vents rusty

Radio antenna decayed

Engine mounts broke

This is only a taste!

General Comments:

Awesome car. Dropped a Chevy 355 into it with tuned port, a bit of a cam, headers, bigger valves, chipped, 10:1 and a 700R4 tranny with shift kit and cooler. About 350 HP and it changes the vehicle totally!

It's the most capable car I've ever owned. It's a bullet on the highway and it handles better than my wife's car ('92 Grand Marquis). With the stock rear end, it accelerates surprisingly fast. It's great off the road (body lifted about 1", suspension lifted about 3"), and you can't get it stuck unless you do something really dumb. Frame's been boxed and reinforced, body's about to get its second paint job. Gets about 10 MPG on the highway at warp speed (~80 mph), about 14 at 50 mph. I've had a lot of problems during the evolution of the car, but it's a huge laugh, and it always gets a second look. I'm keeping it forever.

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Review Date: 8th May, 2006

11th May 2006, 10:11

I agree that the Grand Wagoneers of the 80's (and the Cherokees of the 70's) were good vehicles - great in the snow with Quadratrack. We had several of each in our family over the years. However, while we had a couple that were very reliable, a couple of the others were outright lemons, with endless problems, particularly electrical. All of ours had the original 360 and automatic, except for one that was a straight six with a four speed manual.

I imagine it is very difficult to find these nowadays, as they rusted away rather easily.

1987 AMC Grand Wagoneer 360 from North America


They Don't Make Them Like This Anymore


My muffler kept getting a hole in it.

The driver side window track keeps breaking.

The drivers side seat badly worn and cracked.

Carburetor rebuilt.

New gear box installed.

Power steering unit replaced.

Back seat belts broke.

General Comments:

I love this truck except for the gas mileage. It was purchased at an auction in Southern California and was very clean on the inside and the body was in excellent condition.

The first month that I had it I drove my children to Louisiana in the middle of August and towed back a U-Haul trailer (the biggest one they had) full of antique furniture back. I had no problems and not one breakdown.

Currently, I am having the entire interior redone- new carpet, seats re-upholstered, replacing seat belts, floormats.

I am also having everything under the hood replaced.

New tires and shocks have been put on the truck.

I have even gotten new woodgrain to put on the entire outside of the vehicle.

I have purchased a new radio, four TV's, DVD player, TV tuner, speakers, amp and alarm to put in and on the truck.

Windows will be re-tinted.

All in all it will be like new.

Of course, the gas killed me. But the ride was comfortable and I feel very safe in my truck.

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Review Date: 11th February, 2005

1989 AMC Grand Wagoneer from North America


Best real world 4X4 ever made


The transmission went while towing a travel trailer in the mountains. That sucked, but it was repaired pretty cheap all things considered. The back window was a constant pain. I had to rebuild the rear brake slave cylinders. I also had to replace the spark wires. Other than that I had no problems. Not bad considering the mileage on the truck when I bought it.

General Comments:

The Jeep Grand Wagoneer was a great four wheel drive. It had a big V8 which loved gasoline too much. But the vehicle rode smooth, powerful, and was very capable in almost any conditions. When I sold the Wagoneer I bought a Land Cruizer. I wasn't as happy with the LC as I was with the Wagoneer.

Mine came with leather seats that were the most comfortable that I have ever ridden in to this day. The steering was light and the ergonomics were perfect. If I had had any sense at all I would never have sold that truck.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2004

13th Jan 2004, 21:27

Boy, tell me about the fuel mileage.. I had one for a while with the 360 2 bbl, I was lucky to get 12mpg in the city.

22nd May 2005, 15:59

Yes, the big engines to take a lot of fuel, but if you play off-road with it, it has its advantages. I had a 6 cylinder in my off-road machine, and it just never had enough power. It couln't make through deeper mud pits. I got tired of it and I bought a Grand Wagoneer with a 360 V8. WOW! Big difference. It powered through everything.