1988 AMC Grand Wagoneer 360 from North America


Just a darn good truck, built tough and heavy before the SUVs became cars


Alternator, front axle (my own fault!), brake system, gas tank rusted off, water pump, carb rebuild, small leak from the rear main seal and front axle pinion shaft seal.

General Comments:

Generally a great truck. It has begun to show its age as rust is beginning to appear in the usual places for this vehicle.

It is my favorite to drive around town on errands out of my 5 vehicles. It is also very good off-road despite its size. The turning radius is very tight so it handles switchbacks with ease. It has spent a lot of time camping and off-road in the mountains of NM, CO & AZ as well as the north woods of WI and the U.P. of MI.

I can get a decent 15-16 mpg on the highway but it drops to a dismal 10mpg in town. Aero (out of CA) makes a great, easy to install 36 gallon replacement gas tank. Money well spent, much better than the 20 gallon stock unit!

Although not fast on the street by any means, the engine is excellent for four wheeling off-road or towing with lots of torque down low, both of which mine has done quite a bit. The ride is firm and a bit bouncy (I added stiffer springs and shocks for towing), but overall it's enjoyable.

The interior is comfortable and great for long distance drives. Cargo is also not a problem, with the rear seat folded, it swallows full-size sheets of plywood/paneling/drywall, etc. I do not plan on selling this one for a newer SUV. Next winter it is going to get a complete restoration and be put back to work once complete.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2000

7th Aug 2001, 15:45

I'm looking into buying a rebuilt Jeep Wagoneer, V8 360hp, dana 44 racing axles, new paint, new interior, new rims, brakes, chrome highlights (reinforced bumpers, window/door trim), and when it was up on the lift, I too noticed that small leak in the back and at the pinion.

What did you do? It seems to me small enough to leave, or not to worry about right now.

Also, how about the A/C, how often do you have to recharge it? That's my other main concern. Everything else about the truck is beautiful!

1984 AMC Grand Wagoneer AMC 360 V-8 from North America


Luxury and ruggedness


Radiator leaked so I replaced it, minor transmission problems. Usual maintenance problems like paint chipping, recharge need on the A/C.

The carburettor is slow to accelerate but it hasn't shown any serious problems. The only problem that I really found a pain was the power window had problems and I eventually had to replace it after replacing the drive track twice. Other than that it works great now.

General Comments:

I love my vehicle because it is so rugged, yet comfortable. The body is tough enough to resist most minor impacts but it can dent. I feel much safer in my Wagoneer than in most other vehicles. It has all power including: seats, windows, mirrors, rear windows, and locks. It can move just about anything in low gear. It would be the perfect family car if it only had better gas mileage.

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Review Date: 29th July, 2000