1978 AMC Gremlin 253 from North America


This is an awesome car


I had to replace the front seat.

The fuel pump was also replaced.

General Comments:

I love this car; it's awesome. It's my daily driver.

It has a different look. Something that I was looking for.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2014

1978 AMC Gremlin 258 from North America


Had to rebuild transmission. Oil leaks due to being 33 years old on original gaskets! Other than that, it's just routine maintenance.

General Comments:

These cars were very unfairly criticized. Keep in mind, they were the least expensive cars on the market, and therefore are not luxurious, cushy or state of the art.

You got a very strong, durable and uniquely styled car for little money. They were quick, though not as good at MPG as the Pinto and Vega competition, but much safer. They sold half a million in its 70-78 run with almost no styling changes - a major success for a small company!

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Review Date: 6th January, 2010

4th Feb 2010, 16:20

This review gives us a nice history of AMC, but says almost nothing about the actual car that is being reviewed.

6th Feb 2010, 13:15

The Mopars prior to '75 didn't have the electrical and emissions issues that you mention. Chrysler had a lot of trouble with that Lean Burn system. 1975 was a turning point in that they still made some cars that just had a catalytic converter, while others were starting to use the smog pump or Lean Burn.

Our '71, '73, and '75 Dodges and Plymouths were good, reliable cars. Actually our '76, '77, and '79 Slant Six cars were really good, but the '75 Fury always had trouble whereas the '75 Charger did not.

All the solid state electronics and mechanical approach to emissions control just seemed spotty, and it took the micro processor to actually make the concept work.

Prior to '75 cars were good, and since the mid-'90s things have been good, but the '80s were tough. Just my opinion based on ownership experiences.

8th Oct 2011, 18:59

Well, I said it was solid, quick, uniquely styled, safe, and how inexpensive it was. What more did you want to know?

1978 AMC Gremlin 232 from North America


Fun little collectors car. Too rare for a daily driver


Mechanically the car is great. Very few problems. Mechanical parts are easy to find.

Rust. What 70's cars didn't have it. Body parts are hard to find. Since they were cheap most found there way to the crusher. Reproduction parts for most AMC's don't exist.

Interior again the car was cheap. What do you expect.

General Comments:

If you would have told me in 1980 that I would be taking this car to car shows 30 years later, I would told you that you were crazy, but that is where the Gremlin can be found every weekend, weather permitting.

Don't expect expect the guy in the 57 Chevy and the 65 Mustang that is parked next to you to be too excited, but the public that come to the shows will be. 95% of the population owned one or their best friend did.

While the Gremlin X's are the best ones to own, any Gremlin is a collectors items. If you find one that has a good body, buy it, take it to shows. You will be noticed and you will have fun, but you better have a sense of humour because they will laugh at your baby. Real men drive Gremlins.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2009

10th Aug 2009, 06:55

If "95% of the population owned one or their best friend did"

The Gremlin would have been the best selling car of all time, and AMC would still be around.

Neither is the case.

10th Aug 2009, 12:17

I had a new Gremlin X 304, and now drive a Vette C5. I like AMC AMX 390 2 seaters as well then and now. The only other American 2 seaters like Vettes in the past. AMC Machines and the Mark Donahue Javelin are ones I would like to have one today with my cars.