1971 AMC Hornet from North America


A very basic car for a very basic price


There was only one problem that I had with my American Motors Corporation Hornet, and that was the window wiper part that I have no clue about but... it does not affect th ability to wipe windows.

General Comments:

My Hornet has a very unique design that I find comforting, and a very explicit physical look to it.

The body of the car is in excellent condition, granted that there is a very little rust above the left and right tire covers, barely noticeable.

The car runs perfectly with no problems and has no engine or transmission problems. It has a fair acceleration and the play is always right on. It does however eat up gas a little more than I would rather, but... that is what gives it a better acceleration.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2002

1973 AMC Hornet Two door 199ci inline six from North America


All in all, a fine car




Really bad rust on the driver's side front fender.

General Comments:

I bought an orange AMC Hornet in '95 for 50 dollars. The car replaced my Civic and I drove it until August when the rust finally got to the motor mounts.

It has been very reliable and always started. The workmanship for the most part is better than my Civic.

The power of the engine is okay but I would like a few more horses.

The car was built a lot better than most of the Detroit cars I have owned.

I bought a brand new Subaru to replace the Hornet.

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Review Date: 11th December, 2000

17th Jul 2001, 23:11

Just a comment, a Hornet wasn't made in Detroit; they were made in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and therefore didn't have to "keep up" with Detroit.

In my opinion, AMC made better all around cars because of this.

24th Jul 2001, 19:51

Maybe that's why he said "it's built better than most of the Detroit cars"...

13th May 2002, 18:12

Actually, the Hornets were made in Brampton, Ontario, near Toronto. But I agree with you that they were better-built than comparable cars from Ford/GMC/Chrysler.

20th Jun 2002, 03:31

I'm amazed that you drove the car nearly 200,000 miles in 5 years.

13th Dec 2008, 14:16

I'm sure it was a great car. The 199 was not offered in '73. it was offered in 1970 only. 232 or 258 were from the factory. If yours did have a 199 someone must have replaced the larger engines with it.

1974 AMC Hornet 232 cu. in inline 6 from North America


Inexpensive, reliable transportation


All minor stuff.

Mostly wear items due to age & mileage.

Radiator was the largest repair.

Never broke down ever!!!

General Comments:

Second 1974 Hornet I owned. Both were quite reliable. Too bad American car makers can't make a car this good. Ended up buying a Japanese Import which was as good as this car.

Sold the car because I had a hard time getting parts. Otherwise I still would have the car (now would be 27 years old!). Friend's AMC went 275K before the engine was rebuilt. Why couldn't my FORDS do that. One FORD only lasted 30K (engine/tranny went).

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Review Date: 3rd September, 2000

9th Jul 2001, 17:29

Nobody ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American Public!

30th Jun 2004, 14:56

The 1974 AMC Hornet I had was also a great car. I sold it when I purchased a new vehicle in 1990. Never had a problem and too had trouble finding parts for it. I will newer forget the Orange color paint and brown color interior.

The AM/FM radio was the best.

:o (

19th Oct 2004, 19:30

My parents bought my brother a 1974 Hornet Hatchback. It had many problems and was off the road by 1977.

There were minor problems ranging from broken interior knobs, moldings, etc. to various engine problems. The biggest problem was a broken tie rod, resulting in a front end collision.

Given the problems we had with it, I always considered the AMC Hornet to be a lemon. However, after reading the other positive reviews of this car, I'm beginning to think the car my family purchased was a fluke.

29th Feb 2016, 04:03

So sorry to hear you had problems with your Hornet. I have a 74 hatchback and 76 Sportabout (258 and 232 sixes). Both have been excellent cars!

23rd Apr 2019, 20:16

I'm also sorry you had troubles with your Hornet. I'm still driving my 75 hatchback and 76 sportabout! No troubles at all.