18th Oct 2014, 21:12

I don't think these cars are historically significant. Rarity does not always signify or indicate high market value. A yellow Pacer might be incredibly rare. They are interesting, but look what the market prices are. Even an AMX is perhaps under priced, but you are competing with 67-69 first gen Camaros and historically significant Mustangs.

If am in the 25-35k price range as a shopper, it's not in the AMC direction. I would go in the safer, more popular GM and Ford direction. In a way it's like someone that buys a fiberglass Avanti for the same dollar amount as a rival fiberglass Corvette. If you like a car and don't care how much money it takes to restore as a keeper... great. But I flip cars after a while and look at what people will spend on an AMC vs the big three alternatives.

19th Oct 2014, 02:41

Why NOT buy one with the 258??? Great engine.

19th Oct 2014, 21:40

Great engine... for a Hornet or Concord.

For a Javelin, not so much, and its lower value compared to a V8 reflects that.

21st Oct 2014, 11:26

My picks as a car collector in order would be a Rebel Machine... 70 Donahue. But this may come as a surprise as a main pick... late 50s, early 60s Rambler wagons at the moment. Even the push button automatic 6. You can even do a GM LS1 transplant.

Wagons are hot right now. My favorite is the Chevelle wagon with the rare 396 factory 4 speed. This is if you are into long term investment. My opinion of course.

Note I left off AMX and even the unlikely Gremlin X 304 and SC 360 Hornet. The Machine is rare and may be worth sitting on. But you will be looking at probably a 30k car vs a 10k car like this review with a 6 in it. This may be a fun driver though, with a non matching numbers drivetrain.

26th Oct 2014, 03:09

True - not a powerhouse, but adequate, smooth, and reliable. Arguably the best domestic passenger car engine of that time frame.

28th Oct 2014, 08:59

Buying a 2 door sports car with an anemic 6 is not my idea of fun. I had regrets buying the same body styles with automatics over time. I'd rather wait 10 years to get a strong V8 with a 4 speed, well optioned. I saw a 73 Javelin 360 automatic for sale locally for 8k with no takers. If it were a manual trans, my prediction is it would have sold.

One amazing AMC I recall seeing was an SC360 Hornet 4 speed. Nice car, loved the drivetrain and factory hood. That would be a car I would go for.

The 2 small 6s from the era might be appealing in a Gremlin X, but I would rather have the 304 model, even if it came with a 3 speed manual.

24th Nov 2014, 02:15

Agreed. I'd put the 258 and slant six Dodge at the top of good, reliable, long lasting engines. They are daily driver 6s, not 390 Rebel Machines or 440 Six Packs. I had a Bayshore blue Machine that would just scream, and a Hemi orange 69 Superbee 6 pack car. But for a daily driver to get to work or the grocery store, give me an AMC with a 258.

24th Nov 2014, 02:22

I have a 258 Gremlin X, and it just screams. It'll light the tires up. A buddy bought a new 72 Gremlin X, 304 with the 3 speed. He tore up 15 transmissions, and the dealer replaced them all under warranty!! He should have dropped a Borg Warner T-10 4 speed in it. It would be a direct replacement.

26th Nov 2014, 20:13

I owned a 73 Gremlin X new. It wasn't super fast. I also had zero issues with the trans and also never needed a clutch. It was a factory 3 speed. It was that or an automatic. I special ordered mine and it was 2900 new. Few 5 litre V8s existed even then. I would say the trans were good overall.

I had oversized aftermarket 60 series tires put on the stock rims. The D70-14s were standard. I added Lakewood Traction bars and cut the snubbed down for clearance. I believe I had a 3:91 rear stock ordered in it. It was a tough little car, and always started and ran well.

4th Feb 2015, 01:11

I have owned one Camaro, two Mustangs, and three Javelins. Anyone who would compare the back seat of a Javelin to the others has probably never sat in the back of a Camaro. The rear perch in a Javelin is like a sofa in comparison!

4th Feb 2015, 12:54

I owned a 1969 Camaro SS for 10 years. And never sat in the back seat. Or in several others by other manufacturers, but the back seats freed up the front area. Not everything went in the trunk space. If I had owned an AMX vs a Javelin it wouldn't have made any difference. I've had one of my kids sit in the back of my Chevelle to drive to car shows. In reality the back seats in most of these cars are really designed more for them vs an adult.

2nd Jan 2019, 21:19

Yes, the comfort and leg room in the 71-74 Javelin is better than the same era Camaros and Mustangs. My only issue is the headroom in the back seat.

3rd Jan 2019, 13:23

Interesting model to model comparison. So if you were shopping for a new car in 71 with a crystal ball, here’s the end result. Working off base. The Cuda then cost average 300.00 less than the new Camaro. The Javelin the lowest. And still the lowest value today. The Mustang got ugly that year. Not bringing in any big blocks in the comparison. Or Z/28s. Today the Cuda would bring in the most. They rusted in our area. I never sat in the back seats; I was always a driver. They helped with kids in the back only. The only Javelin I ever liked was the earlier Mark Donahue Edition. Or an AMX Go Pack.