25th Aug 2005, 02:49

I have a 1969 Rambler as well, and I would like to know if you know of anyone that would have a wiring kit to replace the alternator wires because mine has shorted out. Any advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I am trying to work on it, but I don't have much experience. I am only 19 years old. Thank you for your time.

3rd Dec 2005, 14:47

Hmm. My alternator shorted out and I got it rebuilt. The guy who did it said he used parts from a GM alternator of some sort. Another guy told me that some GM alternators can be mounted on the car pretty easily. I'm only 18 myself and am certainly no amc expert. Ask around at some alternator shops I guess is all I can say.

4th Sep 2006, 23:21

I have a 1969 Rambler with only 25,600 miles on it! My dad bought it from my aunt (the original owner) in 1980 with 12,000 miles and he drove it until 1983 and parked in a garage until we got it out last summer. It fired right up with a new battery and a squirt of gas down the carburetor. The original paint is rust free and shines like new. The 199 c.i. in line 6 engine is also decant on gas for it's era. I now have inherited this car, but I don't want to put miles on it so I will continue using my 1993 Buick regal with almost 400,000 miles (seriously that car won't die)

25th Nov 2006, 21:15

I used to own a 1965 AMC Rambler 440. She was beautiful and a "rustic" blue. I inherited "Roxy" from my dad and was so sad when I had to sell her to move cross country. I fell in love with this car and still get teary eyed when I browse online and look at pics that look like my car.

1st Jan 2008, 07:34

Hello everyone. My name is Ray and I need some help finding some doors and other parts for my SC/.The car was an original B car, but it was in really bad shape. I guess that's why Dad and my uncles tubed and caged it. I know I can never make a true car of it again, but I think given the facts it would be cool to see a 10 sec street SC/.Any help would be great.Thanks.

28th May 2017, 18:41

The 199 was the best engine I ever owned. Bullet-proof and extremely easy to work on.