1967 AMC Rebel 770 290 from North America




Vacuum windshield wiper pump died.

Turn signal cancel switch died.

Engine needed rebuilding.

Brake light switch died.

A tie-rod wore out.

Door hinge bushings have worn out.

General Comments:

This car has got to be the most reliable car I have ever owned. It is comfortable to drive and ride in. The 290V8 engine is a little anemic, but, it's a 4 door that was made for comfort and dependability.

It is extremely roomy and even after 33 years, the power steering and power brakes are very smooth and easily operated.

The gas mileage is a little poor compared to today's 4cyl cars, but, I can pull my sail boat with it which I cannot do with our Toyota.

The car seems indestructible and has gotten me through the worst snow and mud conditions on some really bad back roads.

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Review Date: 13th December, 2002

5th Jul 2006, 06:38

I've got a 68. I know what you're saying.

1968 AMC Rebel 550 232 3.8L I6 from North America


Nice upon restoration


The interior was shot so we had that redone.

When we first got it, it used about 1 qt of oil every 50 miles, so we had the engine rebuilt.

The thermostat housing has broken twice now.

The aftermarket starter solenoid went bad and stayed engaged.

General Comments:

After restoration, it looks great, drives great, and feels comfy.

I've only had to tow this thing once.

It has a Buick like ride.

Very gas consuming though.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2002

29th Nov 2003, 20:23

Well... over a year later, I wish I could say the same about this car. This is the original writer of the above work, by the way. This car.. is possessed or something. 20,000 miles later, this car now has a brand new 9" Ford differential, its 4th set of rear brakes within a year, new UV joints, and now I have to pull the clutch out. The differential tried to disassemble on the freeway at 70 MPH 12 hours before I was going to leave on a 1000 mile trip, thank you god for saving my life, but um, now it holds a 2000 dollar differential that made this car shaky as hell. Overall... am becoming unsatisfied with the quality of some of the original craftsmanship of this car. Am finally considering it hitting eBay... I wanna live a few more years..

2nd Nov 2011, 21:48

You should try driving it the way it was designed to be driven.

1970 AMC Rebel SST 304 from North America


The AMC Rebel is the most underrated car from the muscle car era


Rear brake shoes needed to be replaced.

The starter motor failed.

Cloth upholstery was worn.

Floor was rusted completely through on the passenger side.

General Comments:

I've owned many vehicles since I gave up my 1970 Rebel SST hardtop and have never enjoyed any of them like I did the Rebel.

Despite the troubles with rust, the Rebel was the best car I ever had.

The 304 cubic inch V-8 performed as well as many larger V-8s made by the big three. AMC offered more powerful engines, but I was satisfied with the 304.

With the SST package, the Rebel was equipped with a suspension that rode like a Cadillac, but handled like a Chevelle, taking turns very well and easily weaving through traffic.

My car was equipped with a four speaker AM/FM stereo that sounded great and filled the cabin of the Rebel with music perfectly.

Racing the Rebel was a hoot. I enjoyed walking away from much newer cars on long streets and roads that had no traffic signals and few police patrols.

I miss my Rebel. These days I scan the classified ads looking for a good one. When it turns up, I won't hesitate to buy it.

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Review Date: 6th April, 2002

10th Feb 2003, 02:13

I'm sorry to hear that you no longer have your beloved rebel, they are really nice cars, but very underrated. I currently own 2 rebel sst's,343 auto's. If you love them so much maybe I'll just sell you one of mine! Would you like that? They are both currently under restoration, but I own so many muscle cars that they are just taking up space. If you know of any mopar muscle car rust buckets (prefer b-body's) coronets or anything, maybe we can trade. If not I'll give it to you for a pretty reasonable price.I'll post my number later if you are interested.