1976 Audi 100 LS from North America


It's a death trap!!!


What things did not go wrong with this car?

Car would constantly overheat.

A/C never worked in the car.

Alternator never worked was constantly running off the battery.

Car would stall at every red light.

Electrical system finally burned the car to the ground!! Thank God no one was in it.

General Comments:

I remember when I bought my 100LS, my neighbor who also owned one came running into the street shouting "NO, DON'T BUY IT", but it was too late.

The car looked good for the time, but that's about all it had going for it.

I know why there are so few of them out there if anyone had the same problems I did.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 31st March, 2009

2nd Nov 2010, 16:27

I owned a 1976 Audi 100LS 4 dr maroon with a tan interior, which I purchased new ($7700. approx). This was a fantastic auto for the first three or so months.. then things began to implode from that point on.

I owned this vehicle for five years and the repair costs were almost equal to that of the purchase price. I childhood friend had a 1974 Audi and he begged me not to get this vehicle. Manhattan Audi told me this vehicle was much improved over the 1974 model.

Well against all my better judgments, I did get the Audi over the much smaller BMW 2002TI, which I also considered.

I had the Audi only hand washed, and took good care of the vehicle.

Some thirty four years later, I still have every repair bill as well as the towing bills and the booklets that pertained to the vehicle. For the first few years Manhattan Audi provided customers with loaners while their vehicles were being repaired.

From there I was driven to the Japanese car market, having owned a Mazda and what was once a fantastic auto, the Acura Legend coupe. I kept the Acura well past its years, since it served me well.

Now in soon to be 2011, the thought of owning an Audi gives me a rather sick feeling. Just seeing the four ring emblem kind of sickens me. And that includes the BMW as well. I have reached a point in my life where I no longer need the "BADGE" to impress anyone while I throw away my money and time on repairs. This security only comes with growing up.

Much to my surprise, and it's about time, the American Auto Industry has grown up and is beginning to relearn how to treat the consumer. Most American auto dealers, having gone bad for decades, have learned a much needed lesson from the drought. Now the foreign dealerships are treating the American buyer with lack of respect. In 2008, I leased my first American auto since 1968. A Mercury Mariner Primer 4WD V6. I found the dealer to be a class operation who knows how to treat a customer. I was saddened to get a notice that Mercury would be out of business at the end of 2010, when my lease was up. I rushed to order a 2011 Mariner set up the same as I had and it comes with SYNC at no extra cost. I am loving this new vehicle as well. When this lease lease is up, I will be considering a Ford Escape Limited as it is basically the same vehicle, but I like some points more on the Mariner.

In conclusion, let's bring the American Auto Industry back.

Driving American made me feel better as well.

PS.. I wish I had the room to list what went wrong with that Audi, but it should have been banned from the American consumer...

24th Nov 2012, 14:16

My 100LS was by far the worst car I ever owned. I was towed approximately 30 times during the 5 years I owned it; so many times that AAA contacted me to see if there was anything they could do to help. I was worried they might refuse to let me renew.

Almost every mechanical system that could fail did, often multiple times, especially fuel injection and the electrical system. Hubcaps fell off so often that I tried to keep a spare.

The first time I had a flat tire, the main steel post of the jack snapped in two just as the tire was lifted off the ground.

On multiple occasions, after leaving the car with a mechanic for a day or a number of days, it broke down on the way home.

It was a beautiful car, the best looking I have ever owned. I had it detailed to sell, and it looked almost new. I probably would have kept it for a while longer, but it broke down in the middle of a busy expressway bridge on a very hot July day with my wife who was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

10th Feb 2023, 16:15

Quite surprised at the review and comments. This car was as good as any from the time period.