1987 Audi 100 CD 2.2 5 cylinder petrol from UK and Ireland


Reliable and comfortable


Nearside front wheel bearings needed renewing on purchase.

Air conditioning compressor.

Driver's heated seat no longer works.

Flexible brake hoses have needed renewing (is this an MOT rip-off?)

Most recently has started to stall when cold.

General Comments:

I switched to Audi 100s when it became impossible to find rust-free Passats (Audis are galvanised, so no rot). So far I've bought 4, all autos, and currently own 3. 2 have the 5 cylinder engine which just goes on forever (well the furtherest I've go to is 160,000 when the rings went in one cylinder - the car ran OK, but failed its emissions test).

Watch out for lubricant loss in the final drive and over heating in the auto box. The final drive is a bugger to get to check. I recommend changing the auto box oil every 10K after 100K (don't change the filter).

If anyone has any advice on the cold start problem (poor starting is a characteristic of the VW 5 cylinder) then I'd be pleased to hear.

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Review Date: 7th June, 2002

29th Oct 2002, 13:54

I currently own/drive a 2.6 Audi coupe with 107000 miles, over the last 20 odd thousand miles it has never started in less than 5 seconds, but always before 20 seconds. I no longer worry and just accept it as an idiosyncrasy.

10th Jan 2004, 18:59

I own Audi 100 2.3Avant 89. A dream to drive. The reason for the problems with starting the cold engine is the cold start valve. In NF 5 cylinder engine it is on the left hand side underneath the manifold. You need to use "Allan key" to take it out. To check whether it is faulty or not, you need to give it an electric shock of 6 volts or more. Then the fuel should come out in "cone shape". if it does not then the injector "cold valve start" is faulty.

Michal. Poland.

1987 Audi 100 CD 2.2 5 cyl from UK and Ireland


A mile eating Autobahn comfort machine


Power steering pump leaking when I bought the car (reconditioned with a kit from Audi).

Air con matrix puncture (stone chip).

Typical starting issues (common with Bosch Jetronic injection systems of the 80's).

General Comments:

Very solid comfortable car, proven 5 cylinder reliable engine, superb chassis (galvanised & Wax injected), cruising at 80mph feels like you're doing 30mph. Would definitely buy one of these again. A fine piece of German engineering.

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Review Date: 13th August, 2000

19th May 2009, 07:04

To the commenter. Though it is a great car, the age of the vehicle and size would make it unpopular and the resale value very low. I would guess the car would only be worth around the £250 mark unless it's the Avant, in which case it should be worth double that. Hope this helps!

27th Jul 2012, 06:11

It's true that it is not popular, but it is not unpopular. Whoever drove this "cruiser" was very pleasantly surprised. People's viewpoints are often based on prejudice - if the car is old, then it is worthless. It's generally true unless you find something of "state of the art" quality.

Don't expect of something 25 years old to be all in perfect condition (it is not gold though), but you can expect this car to pay for itself many, many times over.