6th Sep 2005, 10:23

He said Calipers, Calipers run about $200 each.

And I wish junk yards around me had audis in them, I rarely see anything close to what I need.

28th Oct 2005, 04:18

I also have a 1987 4000 Quattro CS. Mine is also bomb-proof. Even though the odometer stopped at 164,499 miles, the car has well over 200k and still running strong. Unbeatable. And super fun to drive!

26th May 2006, 17:51

I Have a 1986 4000 Quattro CS I got for my second car and just about love it to death it takes any thing I throw at it. But my lights did go out once, but it was fairly cheap just a couple of light bulbs. The power is just perfect for my, but I think I could use a little more anyone else.

2nd Apr 2007, 18:24

There's a lot of things that weren't mentioned in the previous comments, so I thought it would be good to add some of my own. The 4000cs quattro is in my opinion the greatest car on ever. It is the best preforming car for your dollar, without question. It is a beast in the snow, and can out-perform any other car. Dirt roads are fun too. The car really is a rally car for the everyday person.

I've found them to be incredibly reliable as well. Parts can be found for reasonable prices, and the community of 4000 owners is both helpful and very knowledgeable. The paint and body of the cars is far more durable and resistant to rust, compared to other cars from that period.

As aforementioned, the US lights are weak. I highly recommend the eurolight upgrade. They look way nicer, and work better than the KC or Hella rally spot lamps. The interior is very simple, but I'm usually too busy enjoying the driving experience to notice.

I currently own 3 of these cars, and have retired 2 others for parts.

31st Oct 2007, 10:34

I own an '87 4000 cs quattro. It has been one of the best cars I have owned, and 90% of all my cars have been Audi and VW. The car did have some minor issues I had to fix after driving it for a while.

Yes... The headlight switch melted and it was $167 at the VW parts store for a new one. I noticed bad sockets for the headlight bulbs caused the switch problem. After fixing the sockets I replaced the bulbs with xenon 90w/110w which help me see a much wider range.

The front suspension is about to get revamped with new control arm bushings and struts which can all be done at my house.

One thing I would recommend is Lucas Oil Stabilizer and Lucas Fuel Injector Cleaner/Stabilizer. The fuel additive will save the fuel pump and relay. The oil stabilizer makes the engine run smoother and longer while the product is pure petroleum and drains out every oil change... Everyone I know runs this stuff at least through winter.

My friend has a GT coupe with the same engine 2.2L 5cyl. with over 410,000 on the car and the original engine, fuel pump, and wheel bearings. My cars Odo stopped at 154,000 about 3 years ago, it still has original cylinder compression and runs great. All around I love this car and will buy it (4000 cs) again, and again. Everyone should try local junkyards or used parts resellers for parts. Remember almost every part is interchangeable in between at least a few Audi and VW models.

You may eventually need a breather elbow on top of the valve cover. When this gets a crack in it your car won't run or idle. Problem is the part is not available as most other parts you can buy new. This one I got from a local VW yard, off of a 5 cyl. motor.

Good Luck everybody with your Audi's!

12th Sep 2009, 19:38

It's Sept 2009, I've had my 86 Audi 4000 CS Quattro for over 5 years. This thing is very reliable. You gotta do the scheduled maintenance though - as with any car. Don't ignore timing belts.

That being said - beyond normal maintenance - the car does not miss a beat. It handles very well - unbelievable in heavy rain and snow. It's comfortable. I see all these new cars I want to buy - but this one pulls so few dollars out of my wallet - I think I'll keep it.

The sheet metal is thick - hard to dent. The paint is high quality - with clay and polish - a 20+ year car will look great.

Parts? Lots of places online have them - dig around. Consider taking the car to a mechanic who knows Audi. They charge about $10 an hour more - but it's worth it.

If you are lucky enough to see these cars advertised - run - do not walk - if it's in good condition and maintained.

I would not let mine go for under $2,500 - what would I replace it with? Nothing close at that $.


5th Dec 2009, 17:12

Hello all, I also own one of these, the way I fixed the light problem was connecting a relay to avoid the light switch driving directly all the power from the headlights and this helped a lot, now the problem that I have and hope to fix soon is with the start up, it seems the starting solenoid is the problem, but I have replaced it about three months ago, and now with cold weather it was damaged again, but in general to me it's a great car.