1986 Audi 4000 from North America


Serious potential if I can work out the bugs


Bogs out for a split second when accelerating during gear switches.

Catalytic converter clogged.

I commute 300 miles every other weekend. The car does great for first 60-80 miles, then loses power and blows black smoke.

General Comments:

I bought this car for 250 dollars, just had to bring a battery and headlamps. I can tell that this car has a lot of potential.

I work in Valdez, Alaska, which holds the world record for the most snowfall at one time, and we came close to the record this year. I have absolutely no problem in the snow itself, but once it is on the highway for anywhere from 50-80 miles, it starts losing power and blowing black smoke out of the exhaust. It idles fine at this point, but I have a hard time getting the RPM up to 2500. The only way I've found to get past this is to shut it off for at least 20 minutes. Once I've done this, it will start right up and take off, no problems (it is not an overheating issue).

It also will not run off anything less than premium fuel. I switched from Autolite spark plugs to high-end NGK's, and I did notice a significant difference in the way the engine sounded and ran.

My last trip, I was about 120 miles in when the oxygen sensor warning light came on, and then it just would not go. Luckily, I carry all my tools with me, and I was able to snap two of the three bolts from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter, which gave me a half inch gap of airflow. I made the next 100 miles of the trip with toilet paper stuffed in my ears. Any ideas? I'd like to get it back on the road.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2012

30th Mar 2012, 14:47

Get a catback exhaust. You might have to modify the fender to make it fit, as well as the back under carriage.

31st Mar 2012, 21:11

I definitely appreciate the input you shot me, but I have found out since then that it is not the cat. My friend completely disconnected the cat, so that it is all header, and he says it is still doing the same thing. He believes it might have something to do with the fuel metering system.

1st Apr 2012, 09:27

(Original Commenter): Fuel pump/fuel filter? Also check the distributor cap (rotor).

7th Apr 2012, 02:26

I've actually run about three fuel filters through it in the short time that I've had it. The first two were pretty gunked up. It's funny you should mention the distributor cap, because my buddy mentioned that all points were firing fine, but he really didn't like the way it looked.

1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro 2.2L 5 cylinder from North America


Very nice car


What has gone wrong? Actually, nothing has gone wrong.

Let me explain.

Timing belts, the tensioner and water pump are MAINTENANCE items. You MUST replace them on a regular schedule.

Brake pads wear out - again - they must be replaced.

Every now and then, you must tune your car.

So - now that we have that out of the way - what has gone wrong with the car. Only one thing - the cruise control quit working.

General Comments:

These things - even though they are 20 years old - are bullet proof.

Find the CS Quattro model - don't settle for the S.

Don't be afraid of the 5-cylinder. After 20 years, my compression is only 5 pounds from the lowest to the highest cylinder.

These cars are not fast. at 80mph, you are doing 3800 rpm, so they can be a little 'buzzy'.

But it's comfortable, never breaks down, corners real well and they look very good.

If you are lucky enough to find one - OMG - get yourself a 1986 Audi 4000 CS Quattro.

Very impressive car.

I'm planning on buying a Audi TT and will be keeping this car as the winter driver and for other uses.

When I'm dead and gone, my estate will sell my car, and not before.

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Review Date: 23rd April, 2008