16th Jan 2006, 16:11

I have just bought an Audi 80 sport with O. E bodykit. it looks superb drives superb and is extremly practical.

I'm looking forward to driving many miles in it!!!

7th Apr 2006, 03:44

I own a 1993/94 80 se with around 125,000 miles on it. It's been kept serviced and is a joy to drive with no major problems to report. It's my second one, the first being a '91 sport which had about 180,000 miles on. To put that into perspective, most fords would be well on the way to their second rebuild by then!! The only difficulties that I experienced with the '91 sport was a loose gearbox mounting which turned out to be a missing bolt and cost about £3.50 to replace, and the fuel meter failed at about 165,000 miles. I sourced one from a local breakers and replaced it in about 2-3 hours. I have one tiny gripe and that is that Audi offer a 10 year anti-rust warranty and the front wings seem to rust through after 10 years and 1 week! My brother also just bought his second 80 sport (he also owns an A3 and had a 5 cylinder 90). This 80 has 175,000 miles on and still runs as sweet as a nut. It cost £220! The equivalent BMW would set you back @ £2-3,000. The tyres and brakes on my 80se wear out regularly because I have so much fun driving it! And I believe it's still the best looking car on the roads today!

27th Jun 2006, 14:17

I have a Audi 80 Sport it is a brilliant car we've had this car for 14years and the only thing that's went wrong was the fans which went on constantly, but all of a sudden it started working when we just arrived a the repair shop.

I think Audi 80 Sport's are NO1!!