1988 Audi 90 Q 2.3 from North America


Nice good looking car for its age


All belts to include timing belt replaced.

Water pump, tensioner, and puller replaced.

Secondary radiator replaced.

Above repair costs = $1,000.00.

General Comments:

I purchased this car based on the recommendations and the good ratings on this site. It's a Pearl white and for its age, it looks good; as a matter of fact I park it close to my window just so I can look at it!

I can't blame the problems I've had in these short two months of ownership on the car. As you can see, all the issues are preventative maintenance issues. The previous idiot (owner) trashed this car and didn't take care of it. It runs OK, just a bit sluggish and I'll blame that on a tuneup that it needs. It also still needs front struts, lower control arm bushings (front), and a front driver side seat. Looking at another 1,000.00 dollars and the car will be up to par.

No regrets, pretty happy overall. THE PARTS ARE EXPENSIVE AND SO IS THE LABOR IN THESE SHOPS!!! so be prepared if you're not a mechanic, still, I highly recommend the car!!!

P.S. I paid $600 for it when I originally purchased it, have put in $1,000.00 in repairs. Do the math. I still got a good deal... No dents, paint still good, tranny still works and compression test passed!!! I'll have it for a while my friends.

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Review Date: 31st July, 2009

15th Apr 2010, 00:04

Update: I now have had the car for almost a year and problems are starting to show.

There's some type of electrical short that continuously fries my instrument cluster lights (15 amp fuse). Still a mystery!

2nd: the car runs extremely sluggish. I thought it was the plugs, but after replacing those, the car runs worse!

Replaced air filter (it was nasty!) today and next step is to get it diagnosed with a scanner.

Engine wise it's an outstanding car, but like an Audi shop told me last year: "the only thing good on this car that will last is the engine. Everything else is garbage, get rid of it!".

I obviously did not listen as overall it has been a good car, but I will admit, it's tempting to get rid of it at this stage!!!

P.S.- The air filter was a nightmare to get to!!!

1988 Audi 90 2.3 I5 from North America


Favorite Audi I have ever owned!!!


First repair on year car was after about a year the alternator went out. Cost was around $150 to repair.

About 4 months later, the light switch went out; that was around $200 to replace.

Now it has been 5 years, and I the top plastic going into the radiator just cracked. About $250 to repair.

General Comments:

I love this car. The gas mileage is great. I have taken a few longer trips, and on the highway it is great. The car can cruise at 75-80 all day long. In Chicago traffic, when I need to get up to speed quick, it never has a problem. Around town it's great too.

In the snow, even though I only have the FWD version, it goes through every winter that has been thrown at it so far. Two winters ago, I followed my friend home driving in her Jeep Liberty. The Audi just plowed right through the snow. We left her car where it was stuck, and I drove her the rest of the way home without a problem.

I am looking at buying a 90 quattro very soon. Trying to figure out if I should get the 2.8 V6 or the 2.3 i5 again.

Would recommend a Audi 90 to anyone, these are tanks.

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Review Date: 7th January, 2009

1988 Audi 90 2.0 petrol from UK and Ireland


Understated and brilliant


I had to do a few jobs when I first bought this - some due to lack of use, it's 18 years old and only got 61k on the clock - one previous owner.

Temperature sender, idle control valve and some wishbone bushes had it as good as new.

General Comments:

This is one of the few cars I have owned that's a "repeat buy". Audi 90s are that good I couldn't do without one!

Its shape doesn't seem to have aged much, and with a private plate mine looks newer than it is.

Comfy, reasonable on fuel, the fantastic torquey 5 pot engine.. parts are not too dear if you know where to go (GSF or similar) although some jobs are tricky.

If you are looking for one, go for the 2.2 or 2.3 10 valve. The 2.0 I have is lacking slightly in power and the 20v models don't have the same low end torque.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2006