24th Apr 2010, 14:39

Alternator went out. To replace it requires removing the front bumper, which I hear is a real pain in the xxx! A buddy and I are going to give it a go. I'll keep you posted. FYI: Buy alternator from ebay. Local shops and the "non customer service oriented" shops like Autozone, Checkers, want over 180.00-200.00 without core and without pulley! I purchased from ebay for $95.00 with pulley, no core charge, and 1 year warranty. Seriously considering getting rid of this (as parts are expensive and hard to get too!) and buying a 1988 Porsche 944. It's a nicer looking car, more my style.

27th Apr 2010, 01:34

Update on alternator replacement: I'm glad I did not listen to the few Audi forums I researched as they said "remove bumper for alternator replacement! Guess what folks, alternator replaced without removing the bumper! Just remove the front and lower grill. It will be a little tight squeeze, but my buddy and I completed in about two hours, that's with no manual, no experience, just gut instinct! Next time I replace, it will only take 45 minutes total job!

17th Jul 2010, 08:49

Pretty dormant site, so this will be my last post:

In a nutshell, learn to fix this car on your own and you'll save lots of dollars! This is the first car I have ever worked on and I'm in my mid 40's!

As it turns out, parts are cheap for this year (if you shop around online) and the work is fairly easy, just tight squeezes. I've done A LOT of work on my own within the past 3 months, possibly saving over $2,000.

The car is quirky so be prepared to replace relays and sensors. Purchase a repair manual and you'll be fine.

Adios mute site, just hoping my input helps potential buyers, as its comments and posts helped me before I purchased!

Overall impression of this car on scale of 1-5: a "3".

17th Jul 2010, 16:46

Well, unlike auction websites, this site doesn't tell you how many people viewed your comments. Having owned five Audis previously, ranging from a '81 Coupe to a '96 A4, I do read comments. But of course, if I have nothing really significant to add, I don't.

Your comments are appreciated -- I read a lot of comments on different cars I am interested in, to find out what the issues are, and can they be resolved.

24th May 2011, 04:15

I have seen one in Portland, nice area, for 1,500 and 180k. Looks super clean. Think I may snatch it. It's red, but if I like it, I'll paint it maroon. Thanks for your input. I am hoping to sell my 78' 530i for 1,200 and move on to the Audi.