1993 Audi 90 CS V6 from North America


Great sporty luxury - for a mechanic


Cruise control works intermittently.

Steering makes groaning noise (not power steering fluid).

Small popping backfires upon deceleration when taking foot of gas rapidly - doesn't bother me much - kind of sounds like race car deceleration.

AC doesn't work - I think it needs filling.

Rear caliper needs replacing, as does tie rod.

Leaks some oil (may burn some too - can't tell - no smoke - but they have that reputation and it even says it inthe owner's manual). I ave to put about 1 liter every 2 weeks, regardless of driving.

The above problems existed when I bought the car.

Since I bought it about 3.5 months ago, I have sunk about $1700 (parts and labour) into:

New rear caliper and brakes and tie rod - $500.

Water pump went at 144,000 miles because last owner put in cheap rebuild pump with plastic bits. Fixed this with higher quality aftermarket pump (plus new thermostat) - $600.

2 weeks later car's Heater core goes.

Cost of repair: $600.

I find Audi parts are extremely expensive! I would never buy dealer/OEM parts unless the insurance company is flipping the bill.

General Comments:

This car was imported from the USA. Body and interior are in great shape.

This car is beautiful in it's classic styling both in and out.

It it an inexpensive luxury/sport package. More gadgets than you can shake a stick at.

Lots of power on the highway, I was doing about 95MPH for 4hours - didn't feel the speed - handles great. I found the seats uncomfortable after 2 hours. They are fine for short distances.

Good backseat room. Large trunk with 60/40 split folding rear seats.

Engine itself is pretty to look at.

A great family car, luxury and sportiness - good pickup and handling.

I really like the car itself, but I don't know if I'll buy another mainly because of the repairs I've had to do in such a short time and the expensive dealer parts.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2004

24th May 2006, 00:55

From what the above user has to say, I think it sounds like an okay car for someone with moderate knowledge of cars. Yes, I've looked it up and the parts are a bit on the expensive side, however quite a few of these things can be done on your own with a good shop manual. I bought one for every car I've owned.

I just think its kind of ironic that so often, the people that can actually afford these cars fresh off the line, are the ones that have no mechanical knowledge whatsoever and have to pay outrageous labor charges on parts that are already expensive on their own (especially at the dealerships).

1993 Audi 90 CS Quattro Sport 2.8L V6 from North America


A very agile vehicle for a low price


When the car was first purchased, we brought it directly to the nearest Audi dealer. We had the timing belt job done, and a checkup on it done. It came off the lot with reportedly $7k worth of work needed on it. But needless to say, a good portion of the work was not crucial. But what was critical was the head gasket leak (stage III), and an O2 sensor. It was under warrantee and the gasket got replaced along with some other small things by the dealer which I purchased the car from.

General Comments:

The Quattro is cool! This car is the only Quattro I could find, and she drives beautifully. I can drive smoothly and swiftly go to 120mph and not even know it. I highly reccomend this car for a second car purchase.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2001