2001 Audi A2 SE 1.4 petrol from Isle of Man


I love the car, cheap to run and nice to look at, whilst having good quality toys


Bottom of dip stick snapped off - can still check oil though

Audi logo wheel cap clips snap easily when removing for wheel nut access meaning you can't eaisily refit them! All four gone now!

'Alternator return' sticking causing moo-ing noise on startup. I am advised that this is not critical.

Incredible wind noise >30mph with one window open. Two windows is fine?!

General Comments:

This car has excellent smooth nippy performance for it's class and is easily capable of motorway cruising at 70mph. It will pick up nicely if you put your foot down at that speed too. On a 400 mile round trip I found the seats very comfortable.

Lots of space for four passengers and boot space has been good for everyday shopping. The rear seats fold down, can be further folded up towards front seats or can be completely removed to give huge capacity in the back, but you will not be able to get big boxy items in like draws or a fridge purely because of the big lip on the boot.

I am a bit dubious about the lack of a spare wheel - I have not had cause to use the puncture repair gunk and compressor yet thankfully.

As previous review said, NO RUST on the aluminium shell. Hurrah! When I bought the car it had scuffs on the edge of the door, but no signs of rust even living by the sea, so car looks 'as new'. The doors do sound tinny, but I suggest that is because of the aluminium being light?

The stereo despite being only 2 speaker in the base configuration and having no CD sounds very nice and handles bass well. The tape drive can be used with and adapter to connect your MP3 player ;-)

The car is indeed bouncy around town and the visibility is poor due to massive A frame posts and contoured tinted rear glass. You do get used to this. The driving position seems nice and high.

Tyres last ages due to lightness of the car, but do cost approx £100 each being a funny size. I have had two sets of tyres, each with 30,000 miles and 3 years use. I only had to change them because of tyre wall cracking and am still going on the second set!

The alarm keyfob has a nice remote window operation (hold the lock or unlock button) and boot eject, and the electric petrol flap eject is a nice touch as is the classy red roof switches for front and rear passenger lights. Overall the car gives a feeling that it is much bigger on the inside and all fittings are of a very good quality.

For some reason there is a JC Bar (Jesus Christ bar or grab rail) right next to the drivers head. This is usually removed by manufacturers and I have whacked my head on this a fair few times in normal driving.

The wind noise with one open window is very annoying for such an otherwise nicely designed car. It is becoming more frequent that the drivers window is refusing to shut fully - opening itself three inches if I try to close it. I need to give the seals and window a clean though as I feel this will resolve the problem.

I like the look of the car and feel it was fairly unique and stylish until the Focus CMax came out with similar lines.

I occasionally had to top up the oil, but a nice computer tells you if you need to do that. There is also a handy countdown to the next service when you turn the ignition on (but beware this is easy to reset by a dodgy vendor).

The boot is hard to shut, requiring a slam every time. The glove box light is on all the time when the headlamps are on - there doesn't seem to be a push switch to turn it off when the glovebox is shut. This causes a small amount of light to be visible in the passenger side at night. Not a massive problem I know!

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Review Date: 19th October, 2007

2001 Audi A2 SE 1.4 petrol from UK and Ireland


A robust reliable vehicle


I have just put my car in for it's annual service and MOT. I also wanted an investigation carried out as the coolant light came on upon ignition.

I have been advised that the water pump is leaking. The cost of replacing it is £337. Having come on line the cost of the parts appears to be in the region of £40 (although this was not volunteered to me by the Dealer). I am led to believe that this is a big job, but how am I to know?

I am also told that 2 tyres need replacing £105 each and that the front brake pads are 80% worn at a cost of £126.

I feel very uneasy having learnt the cost of the water pump.

General Comments:

Reliable, economic, safe, comfortable small car.

Slow of the mark, but a smooth runner at higher speeds.

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Review Date: 26th June, 2006