2003 Audi A2 TDi SE 1.4 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Good, but flawed


Noise from the EGR Valve - replaced valve at extreme cost (£300) and found out it was actually the solenoid that controls the valve. Two 50p rubber tap washers cured the problem.

Anti-roll-bar bushes and roll bar - cracked.

Brake back plates - a common fault they mysteriously bend and jam into the disc.

The handbrake is useless.

CD player internal springs are shot, causing it to skip; a replacement was hideously expensive, so the CD player is now suspended on elastic bands!

Gearstick rattles at idle, Audi have no idea why.

Near constant trim rattles, not serious but very annoying.

General Comments:

Bit of a strange one this, what niche does it fit into? It is cheap to run day to day, regularly returning 60 + mpg, the tax is only £35 and the insurance is cheap too. On the down-side it is horrifically expensive to service with Audi, and because of the aluminium body I don't really trust the average back-street garage to jack it up without damaging it. So you could say it is the cheapest prestige car you can own...

The performance is acceptable, nothing more, and once you've resigned yourself that you are driving a shopping trolley, the naff handling becomes quite fun!

The trim / gearstick / EGR valve / Turbo noise is frustrating to say the least, and seriously detracts from what is otherwise a good car. Very spacious and a nice place to be in, though.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2008

19th Apr 2009, 18:40

The A2 was a great idea, not so well delivered.

Great looking little car; far more attractive than an A class, but interior space is not great and the ride on most models is poor. The Sport models were downright uncomfortable.

Fuel economy is fantastic on all models, providing you aren't a total savage with your right foot.

Sold these for a living so have wide experience. An opportunity missed by Audi as they are now discontinued and I don't think it fits with Audi's current 'vision'. Maybe the so called credit crunch will bring them back to the drawing board, but I suspect not as German manufacturers tend to be quite arrogant and are happy to deliver substandard vehicles to the public based on badge prestige.

2003 Audi A2 SE 1.4 TDI from UK and Ireland





General Comments:

Surprisingly quick for a small diesel engine.

Excellent fuel economy and very low cost road tax.

Great road holding, slightly bouncy ride at times on poor road surfaces but excellent cruising at motorway speeds.

Climate control works seamlessly.

I really can't fault this car and would recommend one highly. A great car to drive and a little different from the pack.

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Review Date: 5th June, 2008

2003 Audi A2 fsi sport 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Well looks can be deceiving


I had problems with the coils four times.

I had irregular revs which resulted in my car cutting out and the engine sounds rough.

High pitch scraping front left hand wheel, and high pitch tone when braking.

Wheel hubs fall off costing £20 A PIECE.

The car is very bumpy not the most comfortable ride.

General Comments:

Gorgeous to look at. and the interior is grad A.

Nice to drive on motorways, quite quick.

Small on the outside big in the inside, rather deep large boot, quite clever.

I find it above average on fuel.

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Review Date: 27th November, 2007

2003 Audi A2 FSI SE 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Quality car, but a few niggles


Engine chugs followed by burst of power. Garage think it could be faulty airflow monitor (under investigation).

Doesn't like cheap "supermarket" petrol. Has to have named company 97-98 RON petrol.

Wife scuffed the alloy wheels on a kerb!

General Comments:

The rear view is poor as is the side view due to the roof struts.

Very comfortable car and is nimble and quick (except for problem above).

Layout is clear and within easy reach.

Gear change can be a bit clunky. Distance between the gear ratios is too far resulting in a squealing engine followed by chugging after the gear change.

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Review Date: 27th September, 2004