11th Jan 2010, 13:39

Well, I'm back again, after posting the initial review, the little A2 is still with me and has racked up 70K miles. The engine is now noticeably noisier, but only diesel knock, not anything mechanical. If anything it goes better than the day I bought it, and will happily run down the fast lane of the motorway, officer, ahem.

The thing has kind of grown on me, I love the diesel cabin heater on cold mornings and the overall package has been good.

I got the cam-belt done with Audi, which was very expensive, but now do the minor servicing myself, which is a doddle. There is the odd squeak and rattle, but I think it is still a decent car, though whether it is worth the extra money over a Polo I'm not so sure.

I have no plans to sell mine any time soon, which says a lot really...

25th Feb 2012, 16:23

I've still got the car, the mileage is 83,000 and I've only had two issues.

The wiring harness that connects the injectors to the main loom failed: £250, and the brake light switch failed: £10 part, 30 minutes labour.

I had an oil and diesel leak subsequently to the work described above, but this was bad fitment of the parts by the dealer. Thankfully I had it done by Audi, and all was fixed under warranty. I was commuting in it over the summer, and averaged a genuine 63 MPG. How good is that?

8th Apr 2013, 16:02

Yep, back again. Still got it, the front suspension clonks again (roll bar?) and the fuel pump failed, but it continues to rumble on in fine fashion. Apparently the pumps were known to be an issue almost as soon as the model came out; it is a miracle it lasted 9 years! An uprated Bosch unit is now fitted (main dealer). As fuel prices continue to rise, it gets better and better. It is nearly 5 years since the last cam belt change, so off to the main dealer soon for another. Good little car.