A3 1.8 turbo

An Unexpected Driving Inconvenience

113 words, Ecuador, 1 comment

A3 1.8 turbo

Best handling in class, but quality problems

264 words, Norway

A3 Quattro Sport 1.8T

A glitch filled speedy money pit!

131 words, UK and Ireland


A average performance car with high levels of comfort

85 words, South Africa

A3 S3 1.8 turbo petrol

A beautiful, but expensive, toy

86 words, Australia and New Zealand

A3 1.9 TD

A nice first car

77 words, Germany, 1 comment

A3 1.6

Nice car, but overrated

112 words, Sweden

A3 TDi Attraction 1.9 turbo diesel (130 bhp)

A high-performance lemon

307 words, Germany

A3 Sport Quattro 1.8 turbo

Superb performance, you can't go wrong

61 words, UK and Ireland