2003 Audi A3 FSI 2.0 from Australia and New Zealand


Costly mistake


To be honest, it would be easier to list what has not gone wrong with the car.

I will start with a positive note; when it is going it drives well, handles well, and is very comfortable

I said "when" it is going...

I bought the car privately in October 2012, and got a pre purchase inspection done by the AA. The only issue was that it required 4 new tyres by next warrant in 6 months; this was not an issue, as I got the car cheaper to compensate for this.

It is now April 2013.

The engine light has come on 4 times; each time I have to take to a garage to get the codes reset

I had to replace the oil filter housing unit for $1300NZD.

The wiring seemed to be faulty, as the lights would stay on ages after I had parked; this resulting in a run down battery.

Boot light also stays on, even if the boot is closed.

Have had to replace the battery.

The AA have been called out 4 times to re-start the car.

The door handle fell off.

It got to the point where I would make arrangements subject to the car starting, so traded it in for a Kia Cerato Sports Koup; best move I have made... shame about the 7k I lost in trade and fixing it up.

Word of advice; unless you like spending money on used cars or know how to fix them yourself, DO NOT buy an AUDI A3.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2013

2003 Audi A3 1.6 from Australia and New Zealand




Interior easily worn out.

Water pump broke.

AC working on and off.

Window jammed.

Cupholder jammed.

Needed new rooflining (typical for Singapore imports).

General Comments:

Quite disappointed of the vehicle overall. The quality of the interior was a disaster. It's not really the cheap rattling plastic, but it is not something to be impressed with. It is just not durable.

Stuff kept jamming inside. Windows jammed, and all it did was undo the door cover, play with switches and it started working again. The cupholder jammed too, and it was just plastic snapping. Just poor materials.

The 1.6 is very economical indeed with sometimes going under 6L per 100km. But it has by no means of any kind of performance. It was hard to accelerate from behind heavy trailers without disturbing traffic on the motorway. Accelerating from 80 to 100 was a mission.

The car is good around town, but nothing else. Probably a car to go to work and come back with, while having a proper car in the garage.

The handling of it was a bit heavy and not impressive, maybe like a fat puppy, but I loved the heavier feel of the steering wheel. Something I have not experienced in any other car before. Grabbing the thick wheel was a good feeling too.

Inside, the car overall had good room, and the boot had a good space for 2 adults and kids to have their bags in.

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Review Date: 13th January, 2011

10th Apr 2011, 08:48

You must have only had these problems because it sounds like you bought the base model (being a 1.6). I have a 1.8 Turbo, and it is a sensational car, so nimble and powerful for its size, an absolute thrill to drive and handles amazingly, it really sticks to the road and corners beautifully.

As for the interior, mine has a few extras like big sports seats, leather wheel and concert sounds system, and I love it. Being a 2003 model, I thought it would have aged more than it has by now, but it still looks and feels brand new. The sound system is great, seats are really supportive and hug you in place, and the upholstery has no signs of wear, I am actually really amazed at how well the interior has kept, and I have travelled over 200,000 K's.

It sounds like sadly you had a really bad experience with what is actually a fantastic car :) I will buy Audi's for the rest of my time on the road.